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Hashimoto's/hypothyroid, what is going on with my levels?!?

I've had hashimoto's disease and hypothyroidism for almost 15 years. I'm 22 years old and male.

Beginning almost two weeks ago, I acutely had a bunch of horrible symptoms. All day fatigue, anxiety, appetite issues (increased randomly and decreased randomly), dry skin, demotivation, cold hands and feet, low libido/ED sometimes too, horrible brainfog, constant headache, memory issues, tunnel vision, the list can go on. This is all while being able to sleep 8 hours a night. My symptoms have only gotten worse and worse; more pronounced. Although I've "slept", my eyes have a hollowed out look underneath them. My family and friends have noticed that I don't look well.

Starting four days ago I am now unable to sweat. My body won't sweat a single drop. Not even while working out (even though it is a struggle to get into the gym with how exhausted I am). I drink plenty of water. My urine is clear or light yellow, but I CANNOT sweat. My doctor kind of shrugged it off and said its not an emergency. Something feels SERIOUSLY WRONG and this is making me so worried. This is definitely not normal. I don't know if its sodium levels either. They showed barely low on my blood test.

As of two days ago I have been getting nauseous during the day now.

My thyroid levels showed slightly high TSH and T4, with T3 on the very bottom end of normal range. Doctor added 25mcg T3 to my 175mcg Synthroid dose yesterday. I'm taking that split into two doses during the day. I only had it once midday yesterday and once right now. It makes me feel really warm about an hour or two after taking it, but still no sweat.

This morning I woke up a little earlier than expected because of anxiety. I also have my headache worse than ever. I have a ton of pressure above my eyes, in the socket area below my eyes, on the bridge of my nose, and overall in the front and top of my head. I felt really nauseous as well and much more-so than the other days. I feel like I want to puke right now. I'm wondering if I'm getting full blown migraines. Is it sinuses? I can breathe clearly through my nose.

I am very worried because I have no idea if this is thyroid related at all now. I've seen three doctors in one week. Two of them blew me off and said "stop worrying". I can't stop worrying. I'm not having a placebo effect here. I simply feel horrible and am barely functional. I'm having issues driving now. Its really that intense. I can't sweat at all and all of the doctors don't even care.

Are my symptoms hypo or hyper? Maybe I'm being overmedicated. I felt PERFECT the day before this began. Nothing changed. What happened?

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yes..sounds like low thyroid to me. Can you post any labs with the ranges?


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