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Latest bloods with added T3 .....psychosis seems to have gone.... Need advice

My most recent bloods on 75 mcgs levo and 5mcgs T3 (endo prescribed).

TSH 0.43. (0.27-4.2)

FT4. 16.6. (12-22)

FT3. 4.5. (3.1-6.8)

Psychosis seems to have disappeared. Only odd moments of normal depression which don't last too long. I do have more energy but am still in physical pain.....feet, shoulders, neck. Sometimes I feel as though my adrenaline is making me more active because I've had days when I literally can't stop. Almost hyperactivity. Then I crash.

Am I heading in the right direction.... ? Endo believes I am central hypothyroid.

These are the best figures I've had so far.x

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Hello joesmum,

I am really pleased you are getting better.

You have inspired me to ask my endo for T3 to add to my T4.

I think the adrenaline rushes will decrease over time as mine have. Four months after suffering psychosis from taking glandulars, and mine is a lot better and reducing all the time. I try to limit adrenaline stimulation by being calm and avoiding stressful situations at all costs (even stressful TV ).

You need to slow down ("I've had days when I literally can't stop. Almost hyperactivity.") as the more you use adrenaline the more you will produce and it becomes a vicious circle.

Your T3 is still low but it is such early days so there is lots of room for improvement which may bring you relief from the physical pain you still suffer.

I am seriously working on raising low cortisol levels as this in turn will help decrease adrenaline activity as adrenaline is used in the absence of available cortisol.

I am so happy for you, as I still suffer weird thoughts and head sensations and I'm sure my magic hormone is T3 too.



Joesmum, your levels are good. There is room for an increase in T3 but I wouldn't rush to this as if you are having adrenaline rushes and crashes it may make them worse.

Symptoms can lag behind good bloods by 6-8 weeks so you may find improvement in your pain soon.


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