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Need advice re adding T3 to my throxine


Posted yesterday but only one reply from member who is on T3 only.I have been prescribed T3 to add to my T4 by my GP.

I am on 100mg alternating 125mg thyroxine

Do you advise starting on 10mg T3 & dropping the thyroxine to 100mg daily?

Cannot seem to find this info on the site

perhaps someone more computer literate could explain how to get to this info on the site


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Do you have any lab results on 100 mcg? That's a decent dose, unless you're very large or very tiny. I would never start off on 10 mcg T3, but work up to it, cutting pills if necessary.

Naomi8 in reply to HIFL

Thanks for your reply.getting my full blood print-out & will re-post.My new practice insists on a formal request in writing to my GP!

How do you cut the small T3 20mg pill into more than 2 pieces?

HIFL in reply to Naomi8

Didn't realize you had a 20 mcg pill. Here in US you can get T3 in 5 mcg pills. Those are best so the person can work up to their dose in 2.5 increments: 2.5 then 5, then 7.5 then 10, etc. Some say they have success with a razor blade.

Naomi8 in reply to HIFL

Its crazy not being able to get a pill for a lower dose than 20mg on the the UK

If there is a safe reliable source of T3 in 5mg doses available I would prefer to begin with these & pay,in order to build up slowly to 10mg or more ,which I can get by using a razor blade or pill cutter.

Clutter in reply to Naomi8

Naomi, if you are very careful you should be able to cut 20mcg into 4 using a pillcutter. The quarters probably won't be exactly 5mcg but will be near enough.

Naomi8 in reply to Clutter

Thank you Clutter.I think it might be wiser to attempt cutting the 84 20 mg pills I have been prescribed,than going back to my GP & asking for a more expensive 5mg pill to be ordered in specially for me at this stage?

Where do I get the best pill-cutter?

Crumbs,this is all just as daunting as I ever,but my motivation level is going up as my long haul out of depression proceeds.

Thank goodness for Thyroid Uk's support

Clutter in reply to Naomi8

Naomi, I use a Pillmate pillcutter which cost £2.99 from a high street pharmacy. Some people do fine with a fine bladed knife or craftknife but I'm not that good with them and do better with a pillcutter.

Naomi8 in reply to Clutter

many thanks

Parbrook in reply to Naomi8

I have 5mcg Liothyronine tablets on NHS prescription.

The brand is Paddock Labs and I get mine from Boots.

They are available to order and are usually delivered to Boots with a couple of days.

They are more expensive but I found them more effective than the equivalent dose of Mercury Pharma Liothyronine.

Naomi8 in reply to Parbrook

Thank you for your reply.Sounds like you have an enlightened GP.I am hoping my GP at my new practise will turn out like yours.With liasing by email with the endo at the local hospital,they have prescribed 84 20mg tablets.

Feel a bit wary of going back & asking for 5mg pills to be ordered in at a higher price especially for me.Equally daunted at cutting tiny pill into 4 roughly equal quarters.

Why are so many struggling with this when 5mg are available?Don't feel much like rocking the boat at this stage.My last 4 Gps in Wales refused to have anything to do with T3...

I think it is a matter of giving it a try and as HIFL says your lab results might shed some light on how you proceed. But your suggestion seems reasonable to me as long as your t3 isn't right on the top of the range (and I assume if it was you wouldn't want to add in more t3 - ?).

Thank you for your reply.

Will re-post when I get my blood results from my GP

I agree. Without seeing exactly where you stand with your FT4 and FT3 it is hard to be specific but if we can assume you are still symptomatic, and since T4 only is a less than admirable treatment for hypothyroidism, it might be helpful. Are you having symptoms from your T4 treatment like palpitations?

Adding 10 T3 might be equal to adding 25 T4 so you will be increasing. You decide whether you want to try that much of an increase realizing you will still have 112.5 T4 in your system, but deteriorating, over several weeks. This article might help you see the interactions of T4 and T3.

Naomi8 in reply to Heloise

thank you for your reply.I am now in the process of getting my blood results.A very formal affair at my new practice!will re-post

Naomi, this isn't exactly about adding T3 to T4 but it may help you see what is going on when adding T3 to NDT to reverse T3. You may actually have reverse T3 as well.

Naomi8 in reply to Heloise

thanks for your response.will check that link out.Am applying for my blood test results.will re-post when I get them.

have been on liothyroxine for a few months now, started on 20 (1 pill) a day, had bloods done 8 weeks later and endo decided to cut it down to 10 (half a pill) I am also on 150 thyroxine daily. I was surprised, so was my gp that the endo didn't cut back the thyroxine to compensate the lio, but as i understand it if your t4 is ok don't mess with those pills and treat t3 as a new thing. I'm not very technically minded hope this helps, I feel ok on the high dose of thyroxine and seem to have less symptons now i'm on the lio.

Naomi8 in reply to weg1

thank you for your response.Haven't heard of this before on here(not reducing T4 when adding T3)

Am getting my blood results .Will re-post when I get them

My doc didn't reduce my levo when I went on t3. It is less common to keep the levo the same when adding t3. Most docs will reduce levo first. My doc was not worried about me becoming a little overmedicated because, I believe, it was felt that even with my good t3 results on levo alone, the boost of a little more t3 would help me feel better, which it did. When I did eventually show a little too much t3 I was asked to reduce levo in tiny increments. Very few docs aren't as handwringing about overmedication if you're a bit high but seeing results/reduction in symptoms with no ill effects.

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