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I'm re-posting my test results. Could someone have a look at them.

Sample 1 - 8.00 (5.56 - 22.20)

Sample 2 - 3.80 (2.45 - 8.12)

Sample 3 - 1.20 (1.54 - 5.56) Low

Sample 4 - 2.50 (1.17 - 3.18)

DHEA Mean Sample 2 - 0.24 (0.25 - 2.22)

Sample 3 - 0.24 (0.25 - 2.22)

Would someone comment on my results and give me some feedback. Should I be supplementing.

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Hello mischa,

They are all quite low and sample number three is under range indicating that late afternoon low, that a lot of us experience.

Because the adrenals manufacture a number of hormones, such as cortisol, adrenaline, aldosterone, estrogen and testosterone, it is very important to have optimal levels of all vitamins and nutrients but one that is favoured is Vit C which is used within the adrenal workings. (The best vit c is one that contains bioflavinoids as this is essential for the ascorbic acid to be utilised by your body.)

There are supplements to help the adrenal glands and even specific ones that help in raising or lowering cortisol levels called adaptogens. These can be very powerful and even mind altering so I haven't investigated these yet.

I suffer from low adrenal levels too and take Dr Wilson's Super Adrenal Stress Formula with additional Vit C, B complex and fish oils. I think rest and a stress free life is as important as a nutrient dense diet and have been in the fortunate position to take 6 months off work as was so ill.

Adrenals are the stress glands and low cortisol indicates they have worked too hard for too long and need nurturing. Cortisol is crucial in all workings of our bodies as well as the absorption of thyroid meds.

My favourite book on this subject is "Adrenal Fatigue" by James L Wilson which is so easy to understand (when brain fogged) and good to just dip in and out of.


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Hi Flower 007,

It's a pleasure getting a message from you. There are a lot of questions I would like to ask you if you don't mind.

How long have you had low adrenal levels and did you have a saliva test that showed this? Were your levels as low as mine? How long have you been on the Adrenal Stress Formula and is it working for you?

I don't know if I should begin with something like an adaptogen but as my levels are quite low I was thinking I might need something stronger like cortisol. However, as I am on Levothyroxine (as well as T3) there is a problem because steroids are listed on the leaflet that comes with Levo as something to be cautious of as there may be a contradiction in taking T4 and steroids.

I just would like to know what my options are as I clearly need to be doing something to support my adrenals.

Thank you for getting back to me.


I have always been the coldest & tired person the in room from being child and so believe probably had an undiagnosed under active thyroid gland most of my life (I am now 51). Low thyroid hormones would have had a detrimental effect on my adrenals.

I was diagnosed with Hashi about 4 years ago and started investigating. I have done 2 saliva tests both of which are much lower than yours.

You do not need synthetic cortisol as recovery would take much longer long term. All hormones work in synergy so you can not just give one and expect to feel better.

It is so much better to be patient and let your adrenals heal themselves through healthy living and rest. It can takes several months or even years for hormone imbalances to right themselves.

You would benefit from reading Dr Wilsons book as there is so much to learn and you realise just what a big deal adrenals are in the whole picture.


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Thank you for all the information.

I will get the book and have a good read of it. I suppose I am impatient because I hate the feeling I'm having at the moment. But as you say healing can take a while.

I do eat healthily and rest when I feel anxious. Doing breathing exercises to combat this too.

I'm trying to look at all options and the best way forward.



I also recommend the book, Tired and Wired by Marcelle Pick for ways to heal your adrenals.


Thank you pamsbi. I've just looked on the internet and the book does look interesting.

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