Alopecia areata

It isn't the first time it's happened (my hairdresser felt the need to invite half the staff in the salon to inspect my scalp when she first spotted a patch). But I now have a bald patch about the size of a penny, maybe a tad bigger, at the back of my head. Luckily it's not noticeable as my hair is shoulder length and covers it (for now...).

Anyone else get this? Anyone found something that helps, perhaps vitamin/mineral-wise? I was just reading an article where it said 90% of alopecia areata sufferers had low levels of Vit D - and it has been a while since I took any. Anything else?

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  • Hi Jazz, my alopecia started with a bald patch the size of a 10p, cream GP gave me did not help. Like you it was back of my head & not noticeable. I then started losing hair behind my ears & at bottom of hairline at back of head & had to grow hair long to cover my ears. I had a consultation with a trichologist who confirmed it was alopecia areata & recommended an oil to rub into patches, tablets & a shampoo. These cost me almost £100 & made no difference. Over 2 or 3 years patches have came then grown back many times but they have not been as bad this year. I have tried different minerals, vitamin D & Iron supplements but now think I just have to put up with.

  • Thanks Dusty2

    No, I can imagine sometimes these things are given just because it's something to do, something to prescribe. Like you, I've had this a few times before. Luckily I do have thick hair, so unless the wind blows very hard it's not noticeable!

    Auto-immune diseases - they hunt in packs, don't they? {sigh}

  • I started losing my hair last year when I started medication for Spondyloarthropathy. I massage in a mixture of castor oil and coconut oil, a couple of times a week, and leave it in for a few hours. It shampoos out easily and my hair is really growing. Lots still coming out but I have lots of new hair growing too. It's also good for your eyebrows and eyelashes. Clemmie

  • Sorry..just can't believe those grow back hair..actually they don't. Something else like a remission is causing the regrowth.

  • This is an autoimmune disease. Time to look at issues with food to find out why your immune system is failing you. Food allergies and sensitivities can cause this.

  • I've done this ad finitum, faith63. I've been wheat free since last August as that definitely does make a difference and cut out milk and eggs for long periods of time. I'm eating both again now because nothing happened when I gradually reintroduced them and I was drinking/eating both the last time this happened and the patch still cleared up. There comes a point where cutting out further food groups becomes counter-productive, I think. But thanks for the thought. Like many here, over the years I've done everything I can think of (and have read about) to feel better!

  • I have several autoimmune diseases, none of them in remission and I am still taking medication which makes my hair fall out. I assure you that I am not the only person using this who has found that it makes their hair grow. Some believe that it is the massage that helps, whatever it is, it has helped me and you shouldn't poo-poo it until you've tried it. I'm not saying it works for everyone but I know quite a few people who it has helped. That is what this forum is all about, helping others by telling what works for us. Clemmie

  • Thanks Clemmie. I might give this a whirl - nothing to lose!

  • I mixed up 3 dessert spoons of castor oil with 2 dessert spoons of coconut oil into one of those bottles for decanting lotions to take on holiday. Then made a parting and just put drops all along the parting. Kept making partings every inch or so then massaged it for 5 minutes. As I said, you can even put it on your eye brows and lashes. I think mine have definitely got a bit thicker and my hair has certainly grown, not only in length but also the new baby hair is sprouting up all over. Looks a bit of a mess but so long as it's growing, I don't care! I leave it on for as long as possible but usually at least 3 hours. I was worried that it would be difficult to wash all that oil out but it's absolutely fine. It may not help you but it's not costly so worth trying, I feel. Hope it works for you. Clemmie

  • Thanks Clemmie xx

  • I am going to try it too Clemmie.

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