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Liver results and B6

I haven't been very well for about 5mths, back and fourth to docs with various problems. Had bloods drawn for nearly everything. Was having a look at my printouts and noticed that on my liver result my ALT was low at 8 starting range was 10-20. I have looked this up and it's an indication of a B6 deficiency. This was never flagged up to me, was told all was normal.. this was in Nov. the problem I have is could all my symptoms be related to a B6 deficiency? I have numbness, tingling, headaches, anxiety ,thirsty, lightheaded and buzzing in ears. I started supplementing with jarrows B right complex and felt better for a bit but now I'm worried that this could have turned into B 6 toxicity as I am now worse than ever again. I do think I need an increase in thyroxcine as tsh and t4 are still not optimal. My b12 is 2000 and folate 13. Ferretin is 40. Could my high b12have knocked out my other Bs? Am I clutching at straws here. I have appt with doc on Monday.

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Annette, Your symptoms don't sound like B6 deficiency or toxicity and I don't think high B12 'knocks out' other B vits.

Jarrows B Right Complex only has 10mg B6 so it's highly unlikely you have B6 toxicity.


Insufficient amounts of B6 can result in anemia as well as skin disorders, such as a rash or cracks around the mouth. A lack of B6 also can cause depression, confusion, or a susceptibility to infections.



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