Numbness and tingling - excessive B6 the culprit?

Hi all,

In early Feb this year I had a thyroid test which revealed low B12/Vit D levels. I have Hashimoto's and had been supplementing anyway with B12 and B complex tablets for about three months. On Boxing Day last year 2016 I suddenly developed pain/numbness and tingling in my right thumb, hands, and toes/feet. I still have these symptoms and today I was reading that excessive B6 can cause this. And that insufficient B6 can also cause it. I'm lost as to what I should do. It may be entirely unrelated, but has anyone else experiencing pins/needles ceased taking the B6? And did the pins/needles disappear? I'm still on holiday in the UK and can't see my GP till I get back to Oz in mid-March, but it's freaking me out to be honest, and my fertile imagination is coming up with worse case scenarios of MS or something similar. I'm scaring myself googling for answers.

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  • tracyd59 How much B6 is in your B Complex? I have read that excess B6 long term can cause tingling of extremities. I have read that B6 should be 10mg daily.

  • oh crikey....well - in the Jarrow B-Right Complex tabs it's 25mg B6 (pyridoxine HC1) and also 10mg B6 (pyridoxal 5 -phosphate). So I think you've answered my question seasidesusie! I'll stop and see if that helps. Thank you :)

  • tracyd59 You still need a B Complex when taking B12, so if necessary look for a different one that only contains 10mg B6.

  • Thorne Basic B is a good one and has 10mg B6.

  • I replied to myself there instead of you tracyd59 :)

  • :)

  • It may be entirely unrelated, but has anyone else experiencing pins/needles ceased taking the B6?

    This happened to me several years ago, before I ever really got interested in my health and it never occurred to me I should research a vitamin supplement. I started taking one of those absolutely absurd B Complex tablets from Holland & Barrett - this one :

    Amongst other things it contains 100mg vitamin B6. There is no science or logic which says we need 100mg or 100mcg of every B vitamin. It is just a bit of marketing nonsense with no science behind it at all.

    When I started the B Complex above I did find symptoms of peripheral neuropathy disappeared. Then a few months went past and I developed pain, numbness and tingling in my extremities. I belatedly did some research and found the same as you - that most B vitamins are fine in high doses but B6 can become toxic in high doses.

    I stopped the B Complex for quite a while and my symptoms eventually faded and haven't returned. I do take a B Complex now but I take one with very "modest" doses of all the B vitamins. I also take a B12 supplement separately. I give myself breaks from most of my supplements (not all at the same time) for a month or two every now and then just to check whether I start feeling better or worse. When I give myself these breaks from my B Complex I will buy a separate folate supplement because I have issues with B12.

  • Thanks humanbean. I'm relieved to hear that your symptoms finally went away. I like what you said about giving yourself a break now and then. I think I'll look into doing that too. It's so frustrating when we're trying to improve our health but keep getting these setbacks. I'm seeing my rheumatologist in April anyway - fortunately I made that appointment some time ago before the pins/needles started. I'll ask her to get my B6 levels checked. Thanks for your input!

  • Don't forget that most B Complex products contain biotin. And biotin supplements might interfere with thyroid function testing (TFT). So it is essential to stop taking a B Complex for a few days before doing a TFT.

  • B12 deficiency can cause tingling too.

  • Hi MissLillyskisses

    My B12 level was 490 (upper limit of range is 725) in my thyroid test results a month ago, and I've continued to supplement sublingual B12 1000mg up to today, so my B12 should have increased still further. I suppose the neuropathy could be linked to B12 if it's still not optimal, but I think it is more likely to be that I have been taking far too much B6 (35mg daily). It's a minefield!! Sometimes I feel like chucking all the flipping tablets in the bin :(

  • I know what you mean, it can be depressing being dependent on meds but try and rise above it. As always you have had good advice, I hope you resolve your issues and my best wishes to you.

  • Better to have B12 at 900-1000

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