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Someone posted a video about high B6 intake for treatment of Anxiety or depression. Can you help me find it???


I remember seeing an interesting video about a woman who was stuck in the corner until she was treated with a high dose of B6 (I think), which cured her.

I don't suffer anxiety or depression. I do have a 1000 mph brain & crap sleep, so maybe that's my version...

I know I've had Zinc deficiency for years & a sore tongue, that feels too big for my gob, so I'm wondering.. I just came across the term Pyroluria, which I came across 4-5 years ago, but then know how it is.....

Anyway, can anyone help me find that video?


PS, for admin. Just noticed that certain words are picked up as key words (in green below). I would have liked Pyroluria & B6 to be in there. Is there any way to add your own key words?

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Thinking about it, it might have been B3 Niacin....

I still can't find it though. Would like to watch it again.

Suin in reply to knackersyard

Could it be B5? Pantothenic Acid? I've been reading about it recently 🙂

Wow!!!!! So many replies. Too many to respond to individually, so thank you all!

Yes Josiesmum, it was that video. As it turns out, it's not what I thought it was. I don't have issues with depression or anxiety. My interest in in the possibility of Pyroluria.

As said above, I know I've had Zinc deficiency for 20 years. Whenever I've treatment ed Copper though, even 1mg makes me feel a bit sick. I've got the constitution of a pig & tolerance to substances of a rhino, so it's very rare that anything has effect on me.

Also, I saw all my traits in my dad & other family members, including my kids, so I've always believed I'm dealing with a hereditary condition.

I've ordered Kryptopyrrole tests initially for my lad & me. Let's see what that shows up. I'll report back...............



Only if you included the "certain" words in post so they become "key" words.

Regarding B6 (or B3) video .... don't know which post you refer to but hopefully others will remember.


knackersyard in reply to Hidden

Thanks Flower

Not sure what you mean though. The words Pyroluria & B6 were in my post twice each. They weren't picked up.

Is there any way to force which words get picked up?


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oh yeh ... doh ! !

I am so sorry... Then I have no idea !

Lol, Flower



Maybe it was this post?

Is this it👀

I'm pretty sure that high doses of vitamin B6 can cause peripheral neuropathy. It is the only B vitamin I know of that can't be taken freely because of this.

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What makes things more complicated with vitamin B6 is that having a deficiency can also cause peripheral neuropathy (and other symptoms).

Not a video - but more info about pyroluria:

Jazzw in reply to Jazzw

And I reckon the video was this one:

In which case, you're right - they were talking about B3 (niacin).

There was an article about a seeming cure for schizophrenia using high doses of niacin. This is the B vitamin that causes flushing for most people.

Niacin can also be used as a detox.

Was it this one?

Hi, you will find this book very interesting...

Look at the reveiws to see what people say about it and how niacin has helped them health wise.

You know that a big tongue is a sign of B12 deficiency?


Why shouldn't we take a B complex please?

Thanks. Everything is so complicated and not helped with all the conflicting information.

Please do thanks