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Results are in!

A new puzzle for you guys to figure out...

TSH - 2.64mU/L (0.30 - 4.20mU/L)

Free t4 - 11.5 pmol/L (9.00 - 19.00)

Thyroid peroxidase antibodies - <35 (<60.00IU/ml)

Ranges in brackets. Supposedly all normal :(

The weird stuff: does anybody know anything about these? I have a low plasma creatinine level (48 when it's supposed to be 49-90).

Also have a very high platelet count (414! Supposed to be between 150-400).

And red blood cell count at 4.87 when highest average is 4.80.

Hummm. Any of those thyroid related? I'm looking it up but if anybody knows... grateful! I don't know why they couldn't test t3, free t3, reverse etc but I didn't have a say in the matter as usual. If more details are necessary do let me know... eager to hear what you all think. THANK YOU you are saving my life xx

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Superparrot, antibodies are negative which rules out autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's). TSH is slightly elevated and FT4 a bit low but you aren't likely to get a diagnosis and treatment until either TSH is over range or FT4 is below range. FT3 isn't usually tested unless TSH is suppressed <0.03 as they're looking for high FT3 ie hyperthyroidism rather than low FT3 in hypothyroidism. NHS doesn't test rT3 as far as I'm aware.

Having a low level of blood creatinine indicates nothing more than an efficient and effective pair of kidneys...

Your platelet count and RBC are very slightly over range. They're not likely to be anything to worry about.


I'll delete your duplicate post :)


Thanks clutter so much! For the useful info and for sorting my haphazard posting ;)

That is all good news really. My only trouble is I have blatant hypothyroid symptoms. I actually have some t3 here, got it just in case so I didn't have to wait ages if it turned out I needed it. Obviously I won't be taking it if I don't need it - what exactly should I be taking? Perhaps I can at least start iodine now I know there's no hashis going on?

Thanks again :) xx


Superparrot, try the iodine but don't overdo it because excess iodine can cause Hashi's. Take selenium too.


Cool will do. Great I am already on the selenium! Seems I had vaguely the right idea :) we'll see how that goes... your help is invaluable by the way. Much appreciated xx

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I have read the low plasma creatitine can be due to thyroid issues or muscle atrophy. I have low plasma creatitine as well.

But they say low plasma creatinine means nothing but good since it means your kidneys are good.

So I was a bit confused to find info that it could be a sign of thyroid issues/muscle atrophy. But maybe that is in a case when patient is symptomatic. Still having healthy kidneys and the number would be low anyways but other factors would just push it lower under the range.

I cannot remember where I read it and was there clinical studies backing it up. As a diagnostic tool I it is sorta meaningless but could be relevant for someone who has thyroid issues that does not show in blood.


Yes I found that info too! I was like - muscle atrophy? How when I eat so much?! Lol. Though my guess is hypothyroid causes you to conserve fat over muscle as it is struggling to put energy in the right places. Also fat produces hormones, so maybe losing muscle saves energy in order to produce hormones that help the thyroid? Ok I'm in guesswork land here now ;)

One way or another I guess it all points towards hypo, even though the doctors wouldn't notice. They are convinced I'm fine, whilst I am evidently puffy, swollen throat, aches all over, tired all the time, dizzy, nauseous, dry skin, no temperature control...the list goes on...will have to see what the iodine does. Thanks for your input - reassuring :) xx


Yes at least it is helpful for you. You can do necessary changes in your life and see if it helps.

It won't convince the doctor but you know it could go hand in hand with your symptoms! Makes one feel less crazy :D

I have had the same symptoms as you for 15 years and they say I am super healthy. But I am really skinny so they think it is just anorexia lol.

I hope iodine does the trick for you. I find it helpful 400 mcg/day with selenium and zinc.


No, l don't think being hypo causes you to conserve fat over muscles, but I think what can happen is that low T3 can cause low HGH - you need t3 to make HGH - and when HGH is low, muscles are reabsorbed and replaced with fat. But I don't know where the creatinine comes into that.


Thanks greygoose, that explains it! thyroid is a weird thing huh? ;)




Thanks for your help justiina :)


Low creatinine might indicate a low protein intake. It might be lower if you are, for example, vegetarian. Although it is mainly looked at as a measure of kidney function, it does indicate creatine levels, and it probably will turn out to be more important than this. Creatine works as an anti-oxidant in the brain, and though research on its role there is at a very early stage, increasing it may help reduce depression and anxiety. It would do no harm to take some creatine supps - easily available - to get your levels up.

I have often wondered whether low levels of brain anti-oxidants might mean that the brain would limit its uptake of iron, to avoid damage. Science doesn't have any answer to that question yet.


Ooh that is fascinating. Thanks for the info! I might just look into that. I will be taking so many supplements soon that I will be able to eat them as a decent breakfast!! But that is what happens when everything is under malfunction... cheers :) xx


I had low creatnine and became very weak, when highly over medicated and in a hashi's hyper flare.


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