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Is It Me ??

Just come back from a doctors appointment. Not my usual doctor,"can't see him for at least a month so "saw an F2 "who will be with us for the next six months," What a waste of time. She listened but rubbished everything I said.

I was hoping to sort out some problems which I think are thyroid related. I asked for full panel bloods as a repeat of last years,to see if anything had changed. And for thyroid and vitamins etc. She refused both full panel and vitamins. So I asked if she called tell me my last B12. That was January 2013 and 690. "Isn't that a bit low" I asked" should I supplement ?" Her "we don't believe in supplements your B12 is fine. We will do TSH it's important."

I asked about the pain I get in my liver and the ALT result which was high last year. I was told "we all get pains that are unexplained, you've had ultrasound that was fine."

I have spots and low mood and came away with cream for the spots and a read out fatty liver and a huge wad on depression. She wants me back in two weeks to see how I am.

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I see that today's medical faculties are producing fine specimens, full of compassion and oozing with knowledge. :x


For anyone (like me) who doesn't know what an F2 is :


Beaton, if 'we' don't believe in supplements, why are anaemic patients prescribed iron, pregant women advised to supplement folic acid and maybe vitD too, and children under 5 given vitD? B12 deficiency in elderly patients can result in misdiagnosis of dementia.

B12 690 is fine but self-supplementing until it is top of range or around 1,000 won't hurt.

It's underwhelming how many GPs think TSH only is okay.

It might be better to wait until you can get an appointment with your own GP than see Dr.F2 in 2 weeks unless you want a prescription for antidepressants which she's presumably suggesting you need.


Hi Clutter, yes think I'll wait no matter how long it takes.xx




"Rubbishing" everything you say seems to be their speciality; I think they give classes in it now. Maybe it would be time better spent teaching nutrition and other unimportant "rubbish" like vitamins, and what they do in the human body.

You have my condolences for seeing such an ass, and no, it isn't you. Stick with it.


Update. Rang the doctors yesterday re bloods and apparently F2 has to consult with a (proper) doctor before sanctioning blood tests and this she has done. I don't know what was said but I have got an appointment for "a raft" of bloods. So we shall see what they are next week.

I can see I am going to be complaining again about the staff as last year I was misdiagnosed three times by locums when I had whooping cough. :)


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