Cabbage juice and peptic ulcer / natural healing

Hi all, I have been suffering as most of you will know with long term pain in my shoulder despite surgery last October. The NSAIDS I was given (indeed that I need for all my joints) have given me a peptic ulcer which I have written about before, which is also giving me much misery.

I have tried lansoprazole, ranitidine and omeprazole and I hate to say it but they all seem to have exacerbated the acid reflux. I have tried apple cider vinegar (with the mother) and DGL liquorice and have had some relief.

I would like to buy a nutribullet juicer machine and make my own cabbage juice as there is well documented evidence that this is an excellent way of healing an ulcer very quickly. However, the site I was on comes with a disclaimer about raw cabbage affecting the thyroid gland, and now I feel I am in a can I heal one thing without a knock on effect on another problem?

Any advice?


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  • Try raw potato juice. Peel the potato first. I figure it would be more palatable if you mix something else into the concoction as well.

  • Hello BB, you would only need the raw cabbage juice for about 2 weeks. After about 5 days the ulcer pain should subside then it takes another 10 days or so to heal completely.

    Alternatively, you could take a Glutamine supplement which helps to repair epithelial tissue. The cabbage juice is the best way for the ulcer though.

    If you are on long term NSAIDS then you could consider protecting the epithelial tissue with slippery elm or aloe vera juice.

    Alternative anti inflammatories such as turmeric, fish oils, serrapeptase may give you some relief.

    Hope this helps a little.


  • Would the raw cabbage juice say twice a day do any harm to my thyroid (diagnosed and on Levo thyroxine about 13 years) in a few days?

  • I would say to try it and monitor any changes.

    Do you eat meat? Bone broth also contains glutamine, however the cabbage juice is specifically for ulcers :)

  • Bestbuddy, do you still rely on your thyroid for some of your hormone, or is your thyroid suppressed or dead?

    Cabbage is a goitrogen, and goitrogens impede the uptake of iodine by the gland. If your gland is no-longer working, then you shouldn't have any trouble. But if it is still working, such a high quantity of goitrogenic matter would make you very hypo.

    However, it doesn't do permenant damage. As soon as you stop the cabbage, it would go back to the way it was before.

    And there are some people who maintain that juicing a goitrogenic vegetable removes some of its goitrogenic properties.

    So, up to you to weigh the conséquences and make your own decision. Or, you could just try it and see how it goes.

  • I take Thyroxine every day ... used to be 100mcg but GP lowered to 75 last year as I was hospitalised with high BP out of the blue. I also came of HRT that I had been on for 15 years due to hysterectomy and removal of ovaries at age 38.

    No one told me that HRT would inhibit the uptake of Thyroxine, not even my GP. I wonder whether I am now on insufficient amount as my joints are even worse. I have so many things to juggle including hypothyroidism, coeliac UCTD (lupus like) high BP and now peptic ulcer and I cant take my staple NSAIDS either because of the damage. I am in a mess!


  • Certainly it's only a small dose, 75 mcg isn't likely to be enough. When did you last do blood tests? Your high blood pressure could very well be due to low thyroid.

    I Don't suppose your doctors had any idea that HRT would inhibit the uptake of thyroxine. They Don't know much about hormones, not even the so-called 'experts'. And they Don't know that a hysterectomy will also deregulate the thyroid.

    If you have a peptic ulcer, it's more than likely that your stomach acid is too low. What are they doing about that? And it is also an indication that your dose is too low.

    But none of that tells us if your gland is still working. Although, by the sound of it, possibly not. I would suggest that you try a the cabbage soup and see how you feel. If you feel bad a couple of hours after eating it, then it is affecting your thyroid. If you Don't feel anything, carry on. But if, at any point, you start to feel that it's having a bad effect on you, stop it. As I said, it's not going to do you any permenant damage. And if it helps your peptic ulcer, then it's Worth a try, Don't you think?

    But, above all, you must get your bloods done and find out if you're on sufficient levo, because nothing is going to improve if your Under-dosed.

  • You sound like someone who could be thyroid hormone resistant..with all the pain. I think you may benefit from some t3 meds. But, you would also need to look at your diet to cut down on the inflammation. Google Dr. Mark Hyman's info on "how to stop attacking yourself" Your immune system has gone haywire and is attacking your joints, organs and glands. Many have stopped this dead in it's tracks, thru diet, but it will be some hard work, but so worth it. I have Hashi's and have tested sensitive to many things.

  • Also, please can I ask, what is causing your joint pain?

  • Thanks for your suggestions. The jury is still out on what is causing the general pain, though it has been confirmed I have OA in my fingers, wrists, knees.

    I post on the Lupus site too and I am on hydroxychloroquine which is a standard drug to treat lupus - although I have tested negative for lupus itself, I am on the spectrum of arthritis and connective tissue disorder. The rheumatologist is calling it UCTD (undifferentiated connective tissue disease) or possibly MCTD (mixed) which means I have some symptoms of lupus / sjogrens/ RA etc without the full range of symptoms for one specific disease.

  • There's a lot of inflammation going on there. Have a look at anti inflammatory foods on the Internet.

    Also, you could make some turmeric milk (non dairy).

    Add turmeric, coconut oil, ginger, cloves, cinnamon to a nut milk and warm it up and drink. You can adjust the spices to your taste, they are all anti inflammatory. Drink it every day. The coconut oil helps the absorption of turmeric. You could also add black pepper as that aids absorption too :)

  • I found out i am sensitive to coconut and the nut milks contain gums, which can cause bowel inflammation, pain and is associated with Crones Disease and IBS. They are just not safe. Tumeric tore up my stomach and can cause issues with thinning of the blood. Just wanted you to know this can be bad for some people.

  • Hello, yes I agree that some people can be sensitive to the foods that I had previously mentioned. Nut milk can be made at home and therefore do not contain gums and are much safer to use if a person has a sensitivity.

    Turmeric is an excellent anti inflammatory as it is one of the nutrients that inhibit the COX 2 inflammatory pathways. However, if a person is sensitive to it then I would recommend one of the other nutrients such as ginger, garlic and fish oils.

    Hope this helps

  • I was so hopeful with Tumeric, too. It sucks to have this autoimmune sick of it all.

  • Hello bestbuddy,I cannot comment on your ulcer but for acid reflux I would say to try probiotic GBSCI, it is pure lactobacillus acidophilus which will help to digest your food and relieve painful wind. Hope it helps

  • thanks, do you happen to know where to get this from?

  • Yes it can be purchased on Amazon. It has good write ups. Hope it works for you. Read the health benefits on Amazon before you buy.God bless

  • thank you for your help x

  • I have a stomach ulcer. I tried having vegetable juices and they made the pain much worse because they caused so much wind in my stomach.

    I am taking 2 DG liquorice tablets a day and 8g of glutamine in divided doses. (mid-morning, afternoon and before bed.) I have taken glutamine for years, but it wasn't until I increased the dose that the ulcer pain vastly improved.

    I only started doing this a week ago, so it's too soon to say if it will heal the ulcer altogether.

  • Hi, I use DG liquorice from Holland and Barrett already. Can you please advise on the glutamine? What form and where from?


  • You can get L-Glutamine powder from Natures Best at

  • Hi BB. I drank fresh raw cabbage juice for about half a year or more, twice a day, to treat a (fictitious) ulcer, so I am an expert! All I can say is be VERY sure it's not actually a gallbladder problem you have because it will make it much worse and make you feel nauseous every time you drink it.

    That said, I also had an ulcerated oesophagus and cabbage juice did zero for it. Nothing at all. I did however cure myself of EVER wanting to eat cabbage again. Just thinking about cabbage juice brings on sinus pain and the urge to vomit. It's an excellent emetic!

    I really can't recommend it and, like a lot of 'natural' cures, it either does nothing but cost you a lot of money or, worse, as it did in my case, make you feel very ill indeed. I don't think it is worth the cost of a juicer, if you don't already own one.

    P.S. Liquorice, however, is an excellent soothing agent for ulcers. It works. Tea form is best (but you can't drink it if you have high BP). I would also heartily recommend ginger. The tea is great, and very soothing. Even the crystallised form is very good for soothing a really unhappy gut, but it is tough on the teeth. Do NOT be tempted to take peppermint tea. Again, I drank this for years, not realising it was making acid reflux worse. If you don't believe me, try putting peppermint oil on a cut!

  • Thank you all for your very helpful suggestions and advice, I will take time to consider and try the ones I feel may be of benefit the most. I think I am heading towards an endoscopy as I already have had my gallbladder removed and and found out 8 years ago that I have a hiatus hernia, so the GP will want to know why I cannot take the omeprazole or any such PPI and indeed why I am so miserable with excess acid.


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