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Where can I buy T3 from please?

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I have been told Greece or Turkey are the best places, but I need it to be authentic and online. Can anyone advise please?

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Extremely difficult to get T3 from Greece at the moment, the most popular supplier over recent years starting defrauding people, taking their money and not delivering. T3 is now prescription only in Greece although there may be the odd pharmacy who will see one box over the counter without a prescription - that's the latest news from long-standing, reliable members of the forum.

Not sure about Turkey.

Why do you want T3? How do you know you need it? Do you take Levothyroxine? If you would like to post your latest test results, members will be happy to help and if they show a need for T3 members will help with introducing T3 and how to increase and whether Levo needs adjusting.

We cannot name suppliers on the open forum so if anyone sends you any information by Private Message, as a precaution you may wish to contact myself or one of the Admin Team to ensure any information you have been sent is for a genuine supplier as we have recently had some spammers reaching out via PM linking to suppliers known to let people down.


excellent thank you. I am getting a new blood test next week so will post the results. I had a thryoidectomy 3 years ago and even though I'm on 250 mcg of Levothyroxine I'm still really struggling. TSH was 9 last blood test two weeks ago and neither t3 nor t4 are optimal. Endo will not even talk about trying anything else and just keeps putting my meds up, but its not helping. I can't afford private health care at the moment, but I'm willing to try anything as I feel so ill.

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SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to jodenice


Post your new results when you have them, remember to put the reference ranges as they vary from lab to lab, and if you make a new thread more people will see it. A TSH of 9 whilst taking 250mcg Levo doesn't sound right, so include all this information in your new thread and hopefully you'll get some answers :)

How do you take your Levo ? Sounds as if you may have absorption issues.

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jodenice in reply to Marz

I think so too. I take it last thing at night on a completely empty stomach and have done for a year. It hasn’t helped.

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Marz in reply to jodenice

Are you taking any other meds that could be affecting levo uptake ?

Your results will be interesting ...

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jodenice in reply to Marz

No. I take iron tablets (midday) and have B12 injections. Thats it. I do drink a lot of tea, I thought it might the milk, so I've cut that down too. But I don't drink it any time near when I take my meds. They constantly change - in April, my results showed TSH at 0.75. Absolutely nothing has changed since then!

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