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Advice: Get Tested For Toxicity First

Dear All

I've been struggling with hypothyroidism for many years and with my meds also. Not achieving an optimal dose, not tolerating my meds well and not getting the recovery of health I so desire etc. Remaining frustratingly hypo after so many attempts to get better.

I've seen a new doctor this month who ran some blood tests to look for chemical and heavy metal toxicity. Both chemicals and heavy metals were found in my body and shown to be inhibiting endocrine function and mitochondrial function.

I've now been put on a detoxing diet and supplemental regime to cleanse my body of these toxins and support my liver in its function, in hope my body can eliminate these toxins and be stronger to deal with the onslaught of toxins we get exposed to each day in our environment.

We wonder why thyroid disorders are on the increase worldwide and I wonder if a core of the issue is down to toxicity?

Some bodies can deal with toxins better than others. I wonder if a majority of us on this forum are those bodies who struggle to detox and as a repercussion end up the way we do with our struggling endocrine and mitochondria health?

Therefore, if you're able to get tested for toxicity first, from my experience I'd recommend that as a first port of call. Cleansing the body of chemical and heavy metal toxins may end up with you not needing medication at all, as your body self corrects the imbalances caused by toxicity or your medication working much better for you.

Regretably the NHS does not offer these tests. I had to opt to go down the private route and see a doctor of functional medicine. But for my sanity it's been worth it, because at last I have answers to my unanswered questions that had remained with me for a very long time up until now. At last I can prove I am not a hypochondriac to those belittling practitioners and other people I've crossed paths with in my life over the years.

Good luck in your quest to get well.

You deserve to be healthy and don't be fobbed off by medics and practitioners who can't provide the answers and treatment you need to get well. I've been there! The answer is out there for everyone.....somewhere!

With love


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Good that you've identified the cause and have it under control. I've not looked into toxicity testing, are the tests expensive?

Do you have any amalgam fillings? I have mine removed and my brain fog cleared.

Thank you for such an informative post.


Hi cinnamon_girl

I don't have amalgam fillings now, I did have a couple as a child but these were in my baby teeth, so came out thankfully. My Mum however had a mouth full of them and I wonder if an element of the mercury in her's passed over the placenta to me as a baby in utero. Mercury was one of the toxic metals that showed in my lab tests. A controversial topic is that of vaccinations and the mercury (thiomersal) in those. I wonder if I got any from those too. I haven't had many vaccinations but some.

The lab tests that I had taken vary in price, ranging from £20 to £95 each. Obviously depending on the number of tests your doctor wants to run will depend on the final cost. Mine was £293. It soon adds up and I wasn't happy about the cost but I'm now thankful for having them done because they gave me answers to my unanswered questions. That's why I feel a good doctor is essential so that they are ordering only what is deemed necessary.

The lab that runs these tests is 'Acumen'. Details are through Dr Myhill's website:

You'll see there are so many tests available if you go private. Such a great shame the NHS don't offer these, think of the number of 'CFS/ME & fibro' labelled patients who'd not be fobbed off with pain-killers, sleeping tablets and anti-depressants and get the correct diagnoses!


Thanks HEA72, I think we all find ourselves asking more and more questions!

Yes, testing can become very expensive but you're obviously receiving good advice from your doctor. Actually your cost wasn't too bad really, I was expecting a lot more.

The NHS is failing so many patients but the long term cost of this will be huge, still it won't be around for much longer. I do wish that everyone would do their own reading and learning rather than accepting whatever prescription is handed out.

I shall soon be seeing a private doctor, have well and truly given up with the NHS Endoknob.

Please keep us updated with your journey.

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Hi cinnamon_girl, you're so right in what you say. The more I experience and learn the more I get disillusioned with the limitations of the NHS. It's great and really steps up to the mark in acute emergencies but falls pretty much flat on its face for other chronic conditions. It sometimes feels like we're offered the 'budget brand' of healthcare, whilst going privately we get more of the 'Finest' option. What I find amazing too is how doctors seem content with the limitations of healthcare that's offered under the NHS. I don't know how prescribing e.g. anti-depressants, pain killers and pain management classes to those they coin as 'ME/CFS/FM' patients, as a worthy satisfying type of healthcare. And then if you are diagnosed as hypothyroid only offering synthetic T4 and relying on one blood test. There seems very little stepping out of the box and questionning the validity of it all!


So true. I am high for arsenic. Eek.


Oh no Chrystalheart, do you know where you got it from? I know that's a nasty one for inhibiting mitochondrial function. Having an answer to why you feel ill is half the battle isn't it. I know I feel a lot more positive I now know what's going on and feel I have some power back to do something about it.


I don't know. They told me to lay off fish for 3 months. It went from 56 to 53. So, I don't think that's it. Maybe I have trouble excreting it. I don't know. I lived in Taiwan for 2 years. Their food safety isn't like ours. Maybe I've been holding on to it all this time. (I came back in 1986).


Hi Chrystalheart, I've recently learnt that arsenic is in rice crops. It maybe worth your while only eating organic rice (if you're not already), though there are some reports that say even organic contains arsenic. I eat organic only in hope it's a safer option and that it's one of only a couple of grains I can actually tolerate. So I can't bare cutting another one out at the moment. :-(


Thank you for the suggestion. I don't often eat rice, it's too high in carbs. But I'll keep it in mind.


I went to the cardio this week and he snidely said he didn't know of anything caused by high arsenic. He is kind of a jerk.


Oh dear, it is frustrating as a patient when a medic seems to have little knowledge of a subject we feel they should.

I've just been reading an interesting article by Dr Mercola on spirulina, here's an extract for you: "According to studies, spirulina is being successfully used to treat a wide variety of ailments, including those who've been poisoned by arsenic-contaminated water."

Here's the link to the page:

Are you taking spirulina? Wouldn't it be great if it alleviated it for you?!!


Thank you!


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