Is Mycoplasma Causing Your Thyroid Problems?

I often say that, in my opinion, the majority of thyroid patients have an underlying infectious cause for their illness.

Could you have mycoplasma ( a classic Lyme co-infection).

This lady believes treating her mycoplasma improved her thyroid issues

"The challenge was now to find a physician in the area that understood this root cause for autoimmune illness"

Like me, she treats underlying infections and treats their effects on the endocrine system.  Thyroid in her case.  Thyroid and adrenals in mine.  Treating those infections has allowed me to halve my thyroid and adrenal meds.

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  • Thank you for posting rosetrees.  It's good to make patients aware that it isn't always just about the thyroid and that there can be other reasons for poor health.

    I've recently been banging on a bit about heavy metal toxicity and how, in my case, it can stop thyroid meds from working.

  • Hi CG, These biofilms love all metal but silver.  Perhaps you should look further.

  • Colloidal silver is one of the things I take

  • Did you try Borax?

  • Wow.  A lot of reading there.  Thank you.  I have to confess I'd not heard of the Marshall Protocol. 

    btw - I love your username.  Made me smile.

  • I did Marshall Protocol for a year between from 2008 to 2009 for Mycoplasma Pneumoniae, Chlamydia Pneumoniae and Cytomegalovirus (I was positive on all). I was feeling slightly better during it but at the end my condition became worse and worse. My invalid years came after that and lasted until I started with T3. It's a nice concept but I don't think that it works.

  • Many thanks for your input. May I ask what country you were living in and, if the UK, how you found a practitioner?

  • I was doing it on my own. I tried to find a doctor who would be willing to follow me, I printed all the papers they said you should take to your doctor but I didn't manage to find any doctor willing to at least read them, not to mention to follow me. I was getting antibiotics and other medications on my own, it was hard because you have to take lots of them for a whole year. However, I managed to do everything protocol requires in complete on my own (did a lot of research and gathering info as well before I started). I was really determined and I truly believed in it. But it seems it was all in vain.

  • Hi miriamm, from the little I have learned so far, the problem in defeating whatever infections are involved is that some treatment will cause them to spread instead.  Did you take olmesartan? (If you don't mind my asking.)

  • You are right, after a year of being on protocol, when I did tests on all mentioned bacteria and virus they were even worse than before I started. Yes I was taking olmesartan but only for a short while in the beginning of 2012, not during the protocol, since during protocol I had very low blood pressure but later it completely changed and I developed high blood pressure in few years after and that is when I was taking olmesartan, but after I while I had to stop because I developed allergic reaction on it. At that time I had horribly high adrenaline and noradrenaline as well, maybe 10 times or more of what should be normal. My blood pressure is normal since on T3. Haven't tested adrenaline in years but I can feel that it is lower as well.

  • Oh my, it is so complex!  Sometimes they think it is a Herxheimer reaction which I also read should be minimal or you aren't doing it right.

    That's the fear and taking a drug, there is always some sort of side effect.  Sounds awful.

    Has your vitamin D level normalized (if it was abnormal to begin with?)

  • No, my vitamin D is fine, same as B12 and folic acid. It is interesting why you asked was I taking olmesartan, is there some connection with taking olmesartan with failure of the protocol? Anyway, as I said, I was taking it but years after it.

  • If you look at the Fearless Parent article, the remedy for the CWD infection that imposes itself on the D receptors (VDR) is possibly treated with olmesartan which is a blood pressure pill.  (I wondered how that affected blood pressure.)  And usually the infection causes a higher rate of the inactive D as opposed to the 25 OHD which is then reduced.

  • Wow, this is so complicated :( There was nothing about olmesartan in Marshall Protocol. Still don't understand how blood pressure medication can do anything about bacteria?

  • What is the Marshall Protocol? – The cornerstone of the MP is frequent dosing of olmesartan (brand name Benicar), which stimulates the innate immune response.

    This is just a link - I make no comment on the site linked as I know so little about it.

  • miriamm, another fighter of l forms.  Much safer than a drug.

  • I made a mistake here, I realized I was not on Marshall but on Nicolson Protocol. It was 7 years ago I just forgot the name. It's also for Mycoplasma and other chronic bacterial and viral infections that can be the cause of different autoimmune diseases and other illnesses. This doctor is from California as well, from the Institute for molecular medicine and his protocol was the most popular one when I started it in 2008. It didn't have olmesartan (thank God otherwise I would be dead considering my allergic reaction and olmesartan had fatal accidents in some users) that's why I haven't realized why it is mentioned. I was on two types on antibiotics for a year (third one added after 6 months), abnormally expensive antivirals for few weeks twice, special diet, tons of supplements, Epsom salt baths few times a week, hyperbaric chamber for several weeks and so on and so on. What can I say, it didn't work... Theory was that other people living with you have to pass through the same therapy made my husband doing it with me...We dedicated our lives to it for a whole year... and a while after that I became seriously sick, this time for years until I found T3, so I don't believe in any protocols anymore.

  • Maybe you have seen this and it may be somewhere in this group but in case you haven't

    They both mention olmesartan. 

    Have you tried this protocol or know someone who has>  I have a friend who would like to take olmesartan.

  • I haven't, and my consultant wasn't interested.  Hopefully Epictetus will join the discussion.

    Meg Mangin, the author of your linked article, has a practice in the States delivering the Marshall Protocol.

  • Yes, he is very interested as well. 

    I'm in the U.S. and there is the Gordon Clinic in CA.  I wonder if she is involved with it.  janeb has more knowledge about these infections and the various treatments to manage them. 

  • I've been very curious myself, rose.  Ever since I read that cancer begins as a fungus and in this article infections like you mention attack D receptors which in part control immune reactions.

    These cell wall deficient (CWD) bacteria are difficult to destroy as antibiotics don't seem to work.  Disinfectants may be more effective and I'm thinking iodine might be one of those and of course we may also be deficient in that.

  • The protocol that I'm on doesn't use antibiotics and is intended to be broad spectrum to address infections and parasites.  

    My feeling is that the longer you have been ill, the more infections etc you are likely to have, but also the more damage will possibly have been done to your endocrine system, gut etc.  So you need a multi pronged approach to stop or reduce the underlying attack, whilst addressing the damage done as well.

    3 years ago I was taking 100mcg thyroxine.  I have just stopped taking it, and am currently only on 3 Nutri Thyroid.  I'm keeping a watchful eye on symptoms in case I need to go back on the 25mcg thyroxine that I was on until 2 weeks ago.  Early days as I know there is a lag of up to 6 weeks with thyroxine.

    My wicked ambition is to be able to write to the dumb GP who tried to refuse to prescribe it, telling me that once I was on it, I'd be on it for life.  It would make be very happy to be able to send him a very sweet letter telling him that I've stopped taking it and that if he discovered his patients underlying issues then others might be able to come off it too.  But I'm biding my time in case I've jumped the gun by stopping.

  • Well, I hope he remembers who you are when you write that note! 

    Do you think T3 only might be a better option since the article mentions T4:

    "This is due to the fact that T4 seems to affect the nuclear receptors in more profound ways than T3."

    There is a lot to muddle through.

  • He'll remember as it's only a small practice.  I've not tried T3 and I think the Nutri Thyroid, as suggested by Dr P, might be what I really need.  To be honest, the only reason I continued taking the T4 as well was to get get free prescriptions.  As the NHS had done **** all for me over 40 decades I thought that was the least they could do.  Now I am officially a wrinkly, I get free prescriptions anyway.  So if necessary I will try raising the Nutri Thyroid.

  • A wrinkly????  lol  I hope your plan works for you, it shouldn't be such a struggle.

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