Pathogens and thyroid problems

I have written on here before about how pathogens can cause an inflammatory response in the body, now commonly known as CIRS (chronic inflammatory response syndrome). This inflammatory response can cause multiple breakdowns in the body including of course within the endocrine system, and thus thyroid function. Here is yet another article about such a pathogen which from my family's experience can have thyroid involvement and devastate lives. I hope that some of you still looking for answers might find a clue here.

Jane x

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  • Thanks Jane for an informative post.

  • Hopefully everyone will also have seen the BBC report this evening re. Lyme Disease as well. Not a lot of information in it sadly about how it mimics other illnesses, thyroid problems included, but awareness AT LAST that this can be a killer and this is a HUGE leap forward.

  • Jane - was that on the tv? From their website:

    Article from the Guardian where Lyme is mentioned:

  • Yes it was on the main BBC news at 6.00 p.m. - I could hardly believe my eyes!!

  • Thank you Jane, will see if it's available on i-Player.

  • Found it but it was about dogs. Is confused!

  • Hello Cinnamon, My daughter's US doctor recently recommended this book to her. It goes some way to explaining why the immune system and other systems including the endocrine system sometimes won't work. It's cutting edge medicine and well worth the somewhat difficult read, but it makes a lot of sense - why her immune system has had problems fighting the pathogens that invaded her body, and why her endocrine system and others have failed. It's an excellent read: "Never bet against Occam" by Dr. Lawrence Afrin. There is also a radio broadcast that I've just listened to that Dr. Nathan has made with a most enlightening interview with Dr. Afrin that's well worth a listen - ground breaking stuff!! Hope you enjoy. Jane x

  • Jane - thank you and doesn't it make one realise how complex the body is. Just bought the Richard Horowitz book but am struggling to concentrate and memory not too good. Have got to the stage where I'm not sure which symptoms are Lyme and which are thyroid!

    I came across some Dr Nathan videos, am half way through one but the sound quality is terrible. He is so interesting and refer to his book an awful lot.

  • I think I know the ones you mean that have bad sound quality. Those of the VoiceAmerica site are much better and he has lots of interesting guests. x

  • Dogs are more important than people? They don't answer back? They don't educate themselves? They don't keep coming back to the vets cos they don't feel well.

    As Jane says - it's a start to get the word out there. BBC are very bad at putting their full news articles on player.

  • It is a small start and I understand that other channels and newspapers were active with the report yesterday too. Apparently the individuals from including the vet they interviewed were very busy yesterday doing interviews. It is also worth reading this personal report from lovely Natasha on the website. Jane x

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