Soo tired

Feeling sooo tired,cut Atenonlol down to 25mcg.Morning and night.Feel terrible. Still no appetite, I force myself to eat,just had a mandarin ,wonder how long before the extra dose of thyroxine will kick in.Am forcing myself to do housework and go for walk.Feel better after walk but still tired.Will I ever get better.Also got constipation. Don't want to take Atenonol really,have just read it can help if you have emphasema as well.My oxygen level was down to 86%.So don't really know.I just know I am fed up. Not feeling as cold today so maybe thyroxine is starting to work.

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  • Are you raising your dose of thyroxine, Jean? Remember it takes at least two weeks to raise the blood level to the new dose. Can you go to 100 mcg. per day? Have you been under medicated for all these years?

  • Was wooried to go too quickly.Was thinking 75,Mon,Tues, 50 Wed, 75 Thurs Fri. But feel sooo tired.Do you think I could go quicker. That works out at 450 mcg. Per week He had put me down to 375.mcg a week. Only did that a couple of weeks.Felt so tired.

  • Mjean, you have to take all these recommendations and follow through. I'm not sure what makes you say you had antibodies when you raised to 100 but if that is true, getting your ferritin, iron, folate and vitamin D raised may help you more.

    The AIC measure glucose for the last three months and you are slightly over so this is another problem looming. It's no wonder you feel very punk. I would ask your doctor for a high dose vitamin D but if he won't you must take 5,000 i.u. at the least with K2 which sorts the calcium as Marz said. If you do these things I think you will have much better results. Best wishes!

  • You mean I am getting diabetes.Will see if I can get some K2.

  • You have a glucose problem and this sometimes stresses your adrenals. It could be too many refined flour products or possibly even gluten. Eat as many whole foods rather than processed foods as you can.

  • Just be to Docs,he said my sugar was alright.Changed my blood pressure medication to physioten. Will see how I go with those.Cant do with the Beta blockers.Just read Beta blockers can put you sugar up.

  • Mjean, that is probably true. The problem is that taking all the extra chemicals harms thyroid function and/or causes other problems. Usually the answer is to correct thyroid function and then possibly rid yourself of other issues. I'll post a video if you have time to watch.

  • Yes I will watch.Took 1 physiotens ,not slept al night because of stomach ache.Cant take blood pressure pills.All of them give me side effects.

  • Don't worry about the blood pressure pills unless you are very, very, very high. Jean, it's rare that 75 mcgs. of thyroxine is enough for ANYBODY. When you raise to a dose your body likes, your blood pressure, heartrate/pulse and lungs should work well. Do you have any other disease conditions besides thryoid?

  • Emphasema,which I take spiriva and Asmol for.Blood pressure was very high.I know it is stress.If I get my thyroid right I know I will feel better.

  • I watched the video,very good.

  • I hope you can take the right dose of thyroxine. I don't understand why you are afraid UNLESS you are so weak and need to rest your adrenals in order to be able to utilize a higher dose of thyroxine. Sometimes that DOES happen and you have to get treatment for your adrenal failure.

    In that case when you try to raise your thyroxine too high, you will feel hyper or T4 toxic.

  • I thought you had to titrate slowly.

  • Blood pressure was 160/100/70

    Told to stop Atenonol yesterday by Doc.Said I hadn't been on it long enough to cause problems.

    Been for walk.

    Now 143/89/84

    Can't take Physioten,was up since 3 am,stomach ache and feeling hot.

    Put a nitro - Dur patch on.I will just have to stick it out today.Dont want to take Atenonol.

  • It is worse to go too slow: Although this is talking about NDT, (one grain equals 100 mcg thyroxine) the same goes for thyroxine from Stop the Thyroid Madness Now website:

    STICKING WITH TOO LOW A DOSE. For a myriad of reasons, this happens often for those on NDT or even T3-only and will make you feel even more hypo due to feedback loop suppression. Have one of these been true of you?

    a) being held on a starting dose longer than two weeks (such as one grain, 1 1/2 grains or less)

    b) being bound by the directives of a TSH-obsessed doctor. The TSH lab test only keeps you sick.

    c) failing to get a raise of desiccated thyroid until the “next labwork”, which can be weeks and months away

    d) following an inaccurate Synthroid-to-Armour type conversion equivalence chart.

    e) being afraid to go higher!

  • So ,will it be alright for me to. Take 75 every day from now?

  • YES see how it goes for a week

  • I did used to be on 75 mcg.every day 5 years ago.One Doc put me up to 100 mcg. A day and I got antibodies.I feel as though I have been under medicated for a long time.

  • So where are your levels of B12 - Iron - Folate - Ferritin - VitD ? Are you converting the T4 into the Active T3 ? Are you still allergic ?

  • B12 663. S fol>45.0. Iron 9 (5-30) Ferritin 30 ( 30-500)

    VitD 44 (50-250)

    What is HBAIC 5.7 (4.4-5.6) HBAIC (IFCC)39 (25-38) eAG 6.5

    Am taking loratadine before thyroxine in a morning.

  • Your B12 is reasonable - are you supplementing ? Ferritin needs to be around 80/90 so supplementing with Iron and VitC would help to increase this. VitD also too low - am assuming the measurement was in nmol/L - so divide by 2.5 to bring it to ng.L which is around 17. So you need at 5000 IU's a day along with K2 to ensure calcium goes into your bones.....see link below which illustrates the dose required according to your results.

    The HBA1C is the test for sugar/diabetes I believe.

  • Am taking Spatone,vitD tablet,fish oil daily to get my levels up

  • What amount of D are you taking ? K2 is a vitamin - you can buy D Sprays that contain both D and K2. VitD increases the level of calcium in the blood - and this needs to be re-directed to the bones. VitD is fat soluble so needs to be taken with a good fat.... so perhaps it goes well with the fish oil :-)

  • Ostelin vit D 1000 IU

  • Not enough - see my post above :-)

  • What is K2

  • K2 is a vitamin needed to direct calcium into the bones. VitD improves the production of calcium in the blood. Not good for heart problems....

  • Your Vit d & iron are way down that would make you tired as well as breathless dropping O2 sats. drs do not recognise breathless with anaemia .

  • Am taking iron and Vit d supplements now.

  • TSH was 3.04 (0.50-5.00) Free T4 18.7 (9.0-25)

    Free T3 4.7 (3.5-6.5)

  • For someone on T4 your TSH is still raised. Many people feel better with a result of 1 or under. Your T4 seems reasonable but the FT3 is low. You need good Ferritin levels to improve the conversion of T4 into the Active hormone T3.....

    Low Ferritin - stored iron - will cause you to feel tired :-)


    Perhaps this article will be useful :-)


    read this information on high bp.

    Have you been diagnosed with Emphysema?

    100 levo did not cause antibodies, i am sure..

    I think you need a thyroid medication with t3 in it. You have a ft4 higher in range and ft3 lower in are not converting well.

  • I did reply,don't know what happened to it.Yes I have just read it.Very interesting,will my thyroid specialist know about it.I will ask him on the 5th June when I go to see him. Maybe with the increase in Vit d it will convert better now. Thank you

  • Yes I have been diagnosed with emphasema,own fault for smoking.I think it is also in the Genes.I have posted before one of my sisters died when she was 69 with it ,her son 59 her granddaughter 33 as well.

  • i'm so sorry. i was a smoker too.

  • I don't think I am so bad,it is the bottom of my right lung which is gone.By stopping 50 years ago I have not been too bad.I use Spiriva every day.Cant take any of the other steroids etc.Use Asmol.Has been good, flares up when thyroid is playing up.Have always been active,played lawn bowls for over 30 years.May be able to start again when I get my thyroid sorted.Have really missed it.

  • Have you checked to see if spiriva would hinder absorption of thyroid meds?

  • No,just checked BP jumped up to 179/99/72

  • Constipation and lack of appetite together with exhaustion equals hypothyroidism. Your thyroxine is not working and if you are being guided by blood tests I can tell you that these are inaccurate. Change your doctor and find one that will put you on natural thyroid it add T3 to your T4 beguiled by symptoms and morning pulse. If you can't find one get Dr Durrant Peatfields book The Great Thyoid Scandal and Hiw to Survive it. It is a self help book.

  • I don't think you can get it in Aus.

  • Try Amazon....

  • Hi Mjean, are you in Australia ??

  • Do you mean morning temperature?

  • No beats per monutebeforegetting out of bed. Count how many beats over 30 seconds. Please mail me

  • My blood pressure was 141/78/76 when I woke up at 5.30. Now 6.15 and it is 144/86/68. Didn't take beta blocker,they zonk me out too much.

  • Hi it's your pulse I am interested in. Do it in the morning before getting out of bed. 30 seconds x 2

  • Wasn't that pulse 76 .

  • I'm so sorry of your troubles. Been through the mill myself.

    I'm suggesting you look up bio energy healing (or healing bio energy) find a therapist and they can work on you remotely which will get your body back on healing and recovery path naturally. The first thing you will notice is energy and uplifting happiness. Immediately. It's works instantly.

    Four sessions (half hours) have been known to reverse conditions that are pronounced incurable. Each heals at his or her own rate.

    My best advice. Having tried all other routes. Even sorted Michael flatly - Hope you follow it.

  • Have you tried taking magnesium for the constiptation? You're probably low in magnesium - most people are!

  • Yes I took 4 magnesium aspartame yesterday.I have just woken up.Didnt take beta blocker last night.Just taken antihistamine at 5.30 and 50 mcg. Thyroxine will have coffee later.Also took Spatone,Vit D and fish oil yesterday. Was feeling a bit better and actually enjoyed my tea,roast beef ,chips,mixed vegetables and gravy.Thank you everyone for your help and concern.Hopefully I am turning the corner.

  • Can you please tell me how much T4 you are taking sorry, I don't seem to be getting all the info on this forum. Am I right in thinking its 50 mcgs? Apologies if I have this incorrect but if that's all you are on then there's your problem. Taking too little thyroid hormone actually shuts the thyroid down. You have to take what you are producing and more on top of that. Doctors just don't understand how the gland works. Please let me know on here or you can mail me for more information at no wonder you are feeling so bad. You won't convert that to anywhere near the T3 the body needs to function. your receptor sites on the cells will be starved and your metabolism will drop. It is vitally important that the body gets sufficient T3 through the conversion of T4 to T3 or through taking T3 only or natural thyroid hormone.

  • Am putting it up myself to 75 mon Tuesday. 50 wed.75 Thursday Fri. 50 Sat,Sun.Specialist had told me to cut it down to 50 every day except Tuesday and take 50. I couldn't function.That was when he thought I had Afib.not got Afib.

  • Oh dear please find a good doctor. Afib can be caused by unconverted T4. I have come across so many people like this. It's going nowhere. Can you get to Dr Heetoghe in Belgium if not please email me and I will give you some more information

  • I live in Australia

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