Soo hot

Why am I always hot, I know it's summer and it's hot but I am overly hot, it is really getting to me it makes me feel horrible miserable and dirty, could it be anything to do with my hypothyroidism, I also have PA, RA low ferritin and folate, high cholesterol have gained a lot of weight which I am trying to rectify by eating healthy and exercising but that is embarrassing because I get so hot and sweaty and no one else seems to be I am so fed up am I doing myself more harm by exercising and getting hot please any help would be great I don't know what else to do


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Hi Tina,

Not sure I'm much help but I feel at times, especially in the evening and at night, I also over heat and get dehydrated by this.

My Folate is 4.1 and B12 was 182 but Doc said normal. I now supplement but still overheat but not as bad, so may be a link.

Tina, I think it's the hypothyroidism. While most things are right for me now my thermostat isn't. I can't tolerate extremes of heat or cold. I dropped my T4 by 25mcg in June as the electric tingling and shocks in my arms was driving me nuts in the heat. Sweating while exercising is a healthy thing. Those who aren't sweating aren't working hard enough.

Hi Clutter, I don't sweat and have the door open while I'm tapping away on this PC LOL but my face, body is soo hot FT3 and FT4 are just at lower end of the range, on 3 grains of Nature throid.

Any ideas for this?

Try taking betaine hcl + pepsine from twinlab 600 mg dose, it helped me feel so good, fter protein meal.....supplement with b complex and anything that may help metabolism

Angel, if FT3 is low in range you need to raise your NDT or supplement with T3. It won't necessarily help with your body and face feeling hot though. The clothed bits of my body feel very hot but bare arms and legs are very cool. A cool wet cloth on the back of the neck and running cold water over your wrists helps for a short while.

Clutter, is it possible that NDT is not well absorbed when someone has been hypo for long enough that the stomach isn't functioning well in regards to acid and enzymes?

Gabkad, low acid will affect absorption of nutrients and meds whatever the cause.

Clutter, it's really ironic that people think when they get GERD it's because of too much acid when in fact it's too little acid and the stomach is tossing out the undigestibles.

Gabkad, it's criminal! PPI's and antacids reduce already low stomach acid, sometimes permanently, and make absorption impossible.

Clutter, it's not a big secret that people taking PPIs longterm are at higher risk of heart attack. Probably many reasons including low magnesium absorption.

The stomach acid is ground zero for eliminating pathogenic bacteria. When there's no acid, bacteria get a free ride.

Recovery from really major illnesses (I know from having almost died of Hep A and having a friend now who was finally diagnosed with celiac but who has been so depleted over the years) is slow. It takes years. And we are all of us very impatient.

Sweating when exercising / not necessarily so. When you're used to exercising your body can become efficient and you don't always sweat so much. Some people just don't sweat when they exercise and it not for lack of trying!

I totaly understand its the hypothyroidism, there is difference between sweating from exercise and feeling hot! I know it because when i increased my oxygen metabolism, with supplement of stomach acid, i immediately stopped feeling so hot!! I was sooo surprised that i realized it could be like that all the time, now looking forward to my new combined therapy which i expect may repeat the trick:-) :-) zes its your thyroid that makes you feel so, and you loose a lot of electrolotes so add salt more then usually and magnezium to your diet just to keep up with it util you fix hormones

I remember when I was really hypo, I never used to sweat at all, just got hotter and hotter. Sweating helps you cool down.

However, I am well medicated and have had the problem of feeling really hot even though my temps are 36 something. I discovered the reasons for my feeling hot when I decided to eat regularly this year. I set a timer for every three hours and made sure I ate... And the hot feeling went away..... So I did a bit of searching around and found that if your body wants food, it releases insulin in readiness for the food. However if you don't eat, the insulin makes you feel hot. (Or something like that. ). It made sense to me as I am terrible at eating regularly. I have made more of an effort and the being too hot only happens when I miss a meal.......

Worth setting an alarm for a few days?


Galathea, I had the slightest sweat before I reduced my T4 last month, the first in 4 years. I'll be setting my alarm to check out eating and feeling too hot. Strangley, I felt cooler after I ate a bowl of thick veg soup this evening. I've discovered that I experience palpitations when I skip meals.

Yes, I get the palpitations too sometimes. Though not recently, mainly I think because I have made more effort with the food timing. wish I had bookmarked the thing I read about insulin.

Hi Clutter & Galathea, I've been suffering with hot spells too and have been putting it down to my age & the 'Menopause' - I didn't realize that it could be linked with the thyroid - I shall try eating smaller amounts of food, more regularly and see if that makes a difference.

Oh, and I totally agree with the Gut & bacteria issues. My husband suffered from chronic indigestion and was eating anti acids like sweets - until I got him onto Kefir (Natural pro biotic drink) - which he takes daily now and no longer gets indigestion.

Hot weather can be a pain when your`e all all sweaty & sticky, but I`d rather have that than be freezing because I hate the cold.

Gosh, mummytina, this could be my post about overheating. I am in a permanent state of "hotness" and cannot remember the last time I wore a sweater. I never wear anything with sleeves now. My skin is often wet, I hate it so much. I get funny looks walking through town with a sleeveless summer top on, when other people are wearing jackets.

This overheating is different to the menopausal hot flushes I've had, so I know it isn't that. My GP and endo are as disinterested in this "symptom" as they are to all the others :(

I am the same hot and sweaty ! I change my top several times a day its so embaressing.I have Graves but even with treatment the hotness continues.Like you never wear winter clothes and have been know to eat meals outside when others are cold but feel like I will explode.

Was interested in you saying you have PA now I might be getting it all wrong -as usual but wondered ifvthis is same thing as my daughter has Palindromic Arthritis? If so have never come across anyone else with x

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