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Can the experts interpret these results please....again

Hi all - hope the experts can give me some advice on these results please. I am taking 75mcg of Levothyroxine and 40mcg of Liothyronine. I didn't take my Levo before blood test but had taken my Liothyronine - don't ask :(

FT3 14.7 (3.5-6.5)

TSH 0.02 (0.35-5.50)

T4 6.6 (7-17)

Last tests July 2014 were:

FT3 3.9

TSH 0.01

T4 10

My GP is concerned about these results and is going to liaise with an Endocronologist - who no doubt will want to stop the Liothyronine which incidentally has increased a further £34 for 28 - now cost £152.18!!

Thank you in advance


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Terri, Although taking T3 before your blood draw will show peak levels of the T3 your FT3 is considerably over range and 40mcg is probably too high a dose. No reason to cut your T3 though, just reduce it to 20mcg and retest in 6 weeks.


Thank you once again Clutter - I'll cut down to 20mcg and see what results are then. Sorry I mislead you re cost - I get it on an NHS prescription so no charge, the pharmacy informed me about the increase in price.

Thanks again.



Terri, the NHS cost is ridiculous when it is so cheap in other countries. I've edited my previous post to remove the last sentence.




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