Magnesium: This Invisible Deficiency Could Be Harming Your Health

I've probably posted this before, but it's good to have a reminder.

I've been without magnesium suppléments for a week - long story - and I certainly notice the difference. I feel as if I've gone back to square one! All my old symptoms are creeping back and today I feel dreadful! Started taking them again last night, but it's going to take time to get back to where I was this time two weeks ago.

So, now I'm going back to bed...

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  • Very interesting. I have never taken Magnesium but having had bad leg cramps, was told it could help. It appears that it's an important supplement for many conditions. I have Raynauds so I might give it a go, I am still wearing gloves and am looking forward to some warm weather so I can remove them.

  • I hope it works for you, wednesday. It certainly helps me.

  • Thanks I am certainly going to give it a try

  • Thank you greygoose, will be looking at this with interest. xx

  • You're welcome, cc120. :)

  • Hi Grey,

    I just wondered, how do you know whether you're getting the magnesium balanced with calcium, vit d and vit k2 as per the article? I'm still dabbling with magnesium to try and help with my insomnia, sometimes I think it works, sometimes I'm not sure. I've been taking a calcium and magnesium supplement, but I wonder if I'm getting too much calcium because I think I eat plenty of foods with calcium in. I also use the spray, but sometimes it just feels too sticky/itchy and it's faffy to do twice a day!

    Thanks for any advice,


  • Good question! And in an ideal world you'd be able to get tested. But in this world...

    I think - well, it's my humble opinion - that we do get plenty of calcium from our foods, and that taking calcium suppléments isn't a good idea, anyway. Most of what I've read points to that. Taking vit D3 raises calcium, and it's a safer whay to get is. You then balance that with magnesium and zinc and add K2 to make sure the calcium goes to the right places.

    How much vit d you take dépends on how much you have. That really should be tested. The other things are very much sold in the right quantities - magnesium 350 to 400 mcg, vit K 100 mcg, zinc about 22 mg. And you could add to that 3 mg of Boron. Boron is largly over-looked, but it does work with the D3/magnesium group.

    You use magnesium spray twice a day? What's the point of that for insomnia. One is supposed to take it at bedtime. I agree with you, it's horrible! And I never felt it did anything for me. I much prefer the tablets (without calcium, I can't understand this grouping things together in one tablet - for convenience, I know, but it really does throw things off sometimes). But you could try an evening bath with Epsom Salts in it, to relax you, help you sleep and give you some magnesium absorbed through the skin.

  • Thanks, I might see if I can get Vit D tested (have finally got an endo apt next month after 2 years of badgering!).

    I use the spray twice a day because you need 20 sprays to get all your RDA and I can't physically rub that much in in one go! Praps I'll try a tablet version instead, all the different options confuse me though! I've been wondering about zinc too, but looking at the foods it's in, I think I should be getting enough. Who knows eh, it's a minefield!

  • It sure is! And we have no idea how much we are absorbing from our foods. Ask him to test zinc, too, whily you're at it. You never know!

  • GreyGoose and other posters on this thread, I read with interest of the benefits of Magnesium Supplements. Today I had my first VitB12 injection. Doctor put it in my Thigh; (Long Needle) said my arms were too thin ! I also have Rheumatoid Arthritis and have had severe Raynaud's Syndrome since being diagnosed in my early twenties.

    My blood tests showed : B12 of 135, - (180 - 900) Folate - Ferritin = LOW Raised Red blood cells (inflammation) Normal blood count under 10. and Plasma Viscosity (sticky Blood) ??

    I wondered if I should take some low dosage magnesium supplements? I also get cramp in the feet and calf muscles. Definitely going to use the epsom salts in the Bath.

  • You could start with the epsom salts and see if you notice an improvement. Then, move on to magnesium suppléments. I only know that I wouldn't be without mine, and I've sworn to myself that I will never be without them again! Too painful!

  • Thanks GG,

    I'll try the Epsom Salt Bath first, then maybe progress to Low dose Magnesium Supplement.

  • Good idea! :)

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