Could this be a correct observation?

Hi Everyone,

So I've been noticing what I think is a trend with me and my meds and wondering if this could make sense or if I'm imagining it?

Every time my levo gets upped, after about 10 days/2 weeks I feel much brighter and far less fatigue. I'm now 6 weeks into to upping my dose and feel the tiredness creeping back in.

I've got my Endo in 2 weeks time and I know she's going to up my dose. (I'm on 100mg at the mo)

Does this sound right?



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Yes, it sounds right when you are slowly increasing hormones. I prefer six weekly testing rather than eight myself as we've to wait another two weeks before seeing Endo/doctor and increase.

I just hope he/she lets your TSH get to 1 or lower and not stop if you are above 1.

Hi Shawn, thank you. Yeah she said she wants my TSH at zero. Feels a bit rubbish I'm now going to get more and more tired tho. It's a long dull process isn't it 😢

Shaws even....

Yes it is a long process but might be much quicker for you as your Doctor wants TSH at zero which is good. Others don't care if it is just within the top of the range and stop prescribing thus patient will not feel well at all. :)

I find that so savage

They believe they're following guidelines, so very badly trained.

We now know better with the help/advice from those who've recovered their health 'despite' the guidelines.

Did your stomach sort itself out? Let us know how you get on...

Hi hw7342 yes it did! Literally the day after I posted it all calmed down and returned to normal.

I'm going to try in the morning to bring my endo appointment forward by a week. I can't cope with the tiredness and moodiness again. It's so horrible and effects my whole family.

I will let you know if I get a earlier date x

Good idea. I am the same with the moodiness!

I've another question actually sorry. On the morning of my blood tests do I take my levo? Or wait until after the test?

wait until after the test to take your levo is what people on here advise. So leave at least 24 hours after your last dose of levo. and I'm sure you know early as possible before 9am and on empty stomach.

Cool thanx 😊

Maraphipps, If your blood test is for thyroid, then no, do not take any thyroid medication before your blood test. Wait until after the blood draw and take it then.

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