Magnesium: An Invisible Deficiency That Could Be Harming

This article points out 22 diseases that may be caused by magnesium deficiency. It also describes the different forms you can take and cautions that too much calcium can be very harmful without the balance of magnesium.

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  • Interetsing article. thanks.

  • HI I would suggest concentrating on food containing Magnesium ,. This is totally safe. However, taking supplements as i do should be under a doc with weekly blood test. it is an electrolyte and must always be in its small range.


  • Hi Jackie, I'm still taking 200 mg. of magnesium. As I said, many people on the other Board I followed, especially the ones with heart palpitations who were told they had mitral valve prolapse, would have IV's of magnesium. This goes directly into the blood stream as you know and none suffered any consequences except cured their palpitations by increasing their magnesium. I could send you many testimonials. I agree that too much potassium and sodium can be dangerous. Have you ever heard of anyone overdosing magnesium that doesn't ONLY suffer with diarrhea? I truly think a deficiency has done more harm than any over dose has.

  • Hi That is very interesting. I have a severe mitral regurgitation but was only prescribed magnesium and potassium after 4 cardiac arrests as these being low caused the arrests. However, magnesium can cause problems as it increases the Potassium too high. This happened to me in hospital and I had to stop the magnesium for a while after the magnesium test as such a tiny range.For this reason hospitals never give magnesium I. V. now.

    Best wishes,


  • Hi Jackie, In a way I hope you are right for your own case. I would hate to think you are suffering from low magnesium.

    I can find out whether the IV contained either chloride or sulfate if that makes a difference. Do you know which you had? I know with cardiac patients, the first thing they used to give was injections of magnesium. I guess they no longer do that.

    About the range, the article states that there is only about 1% of serum magnesium in the blood stream which makes a serum test rather worthless. They don't mention any other test. Which test do you normally get?

    I'm sorry, Jackie, there is just too much evidence that magnesium deficiency is rampant and now even the brain effects are showing up with this deficiency. I think it is overwhelming but if you feel there are some special cases that should be cautioned that is fine with me.

    Best of wishes.

  • Glad you are OK. There is a better test for magnesium which measures the cells but i have always found the normal test fine for me.

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  • The article also mentions the relationship between magnesium and other vitamins.

    Everyone seems to mention magnesium deficiency when getting cramps. But I think my cramps have improved since taking k2.

    It might just be coincidental but thought it worth mentioning

  • Yes, K2, turns out to be important. I only read about it a year ago when suddenly all those calcium recommendations were causing problems. Remember, they told women to take 1000 to 1200 mgs of calcium for osteoporosis. Spinach has a lot of k2 and certain cheeses but I imagine supplementing with K2 is important at least for a while. I hope others will try it.

  • I guess we are really lucky that we have plenty of well funded disease foundations to provide us all with the relevant guidance to keep us as well as possible

  • There is certainly no profit from recommending magnesium since it is so inexpensive and found everywhere so it's a miracle that anyone studies its merits. You are right, very fortunate for us.

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