Could this be hypothyroidism?

Hi there, I'm new to this site. Lately I have experiencing quite a few abnormal symptoms that seem to point towards hypothyroidism. My whole body is swollen to some degree and my face is very 'puffy'. Recently my hair has become very brittle and straw-like and it feels like my hairline is higher. I also feel extremely tired most of the time and after sleeping for like 10+ hours I wake up drained. Generally I feel lethargic and a bit depressed especially after the onset of these symptoms. Does this sound like it actually could be hypothyroidism? I got a test done a few months back which I revealed I was borderline. But the antibody test which followed was inconclusive.

Any comments would be much appreciate, thanks!

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Welcome to the form, BenBrazier.

What were your thyroid levels and ranges?

I'm not too sure, still need to get my results back. All I was told was that I was borderline hypothyroid :/ I'm going to get some tests done next friday though which hopefully should help clarify the situation.

please keep us posted x the good news is that if it is hypo, then there is a very good chance of keeping the symptoms at bay. You will get there xxx


Arrange the blood draw as early as possible in the morning and fast (water only) as eating and drinking lower TSH.

When you have your new results post them with the ranges (figures in brackets after results) in a new question and members will advise.

Thank you all so much for the nice comments and swift replies :)

Just out of interest, are these symptoms all typical of hypothyroidism?


Your symptoms could very well by due to low thyroid hormone. Typical symptoms are

Fortunately, the test is booked in for 7:45am which was as early as they could make it. Ah didn't know about the fasting part. Not sure whether i ate last time :P Will post the results when I get them. Once again, thanks so much for your help!


7.45 is excellent.

This is very useful, thank you!

It has ben said that there are 300 symptoms,but most folk seem to have a half dozen or so ,but many could be caused by something else. So important to get the full array of blood tests.

Hmm.. for a while I thought celiac disease could have explained these symptoms since my Dad, Aunt and Grandmother were all diagnosed with celiac disease. I tried a non-gluten and generally speaking, anti-inflammatory diet a few months actually. My close family described me as looking less ill and there was more of an opening where some symptoms diminished (mainly the puffy face and body and unhealthy looking complexion) for a day or two before returning again. This may just be a mere coincidence though, as the symptoms always came back and stayed for the next week or two without much fluctuation. I guess these are all things I need to speak to my doctor about really. Although I heard that the blood testing for celiac Disease is somewhat unreliable. I also heard there was a genetic link between celiac Disease and hypothyroidism.

This is all very frustrating as I am only 20 and have just started uni haha. Just gotta stay patient I guess.

I got my results back today but was only shown my TSH which was 3.9. I was told that this was normal and that I could now forget about the prospect of a thyroid issue. However, I still suffer from the same symptoms as mentioned before which is really confusing. I was also tested negative for coeliac.


You are entitled to all of your blood test results and ranges under the Data Protection Act. Ask your GP receptionist for a printout and post them in a new question for advice.

TSH 3.9 is high in range and indicates your thyroid gland is failing. NHS doesn't usually diagnose hypothyroidism until TSH is over range or FT4 is below range.

BenBrazier - you need to request a copy of your blood test results, you're legally entitled to these and there my be a small charge. When you have them start a new post and members can comment.

A TSH of 3.9 is too high, don't suppose the GP had any explanation of why you're feeling rubbish?

Will do, thank you!

No, the GP had no other explanation for my symptoms. I got the impression that she really didn't believe me...

So with a TSH of 3.9 it is a likelihood that my symptoms are a result of my thyroid failing?


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Symptoms are a result of your falling thyroid hormone levels. When FT4 and FT3 fall TSH rises to stimulate the thyroid to produce more hormone.

Unfortunately some doctors insist that symptoms are non-thyroidal unless TSH is over range. It's kinda ridiculous but tragic to be told that TSH 3.9 (0.35-4.20) for instance is normal and symptoms are non-thyroidal but all of a sudden symptoms are thyroidal when TSH become 4.21.

Yeah, thought it sounded a bit suspect. Thanks a lot for the help! Would private services be more likely to help with this than the NHS?

in terms of medication prescription if i need it?

Hi, I had more tests done but unfortunately they were inconclusive. My TSH this time was 2.5 and my free T4 and Free T3 were slightly over half-way up the range. I still experience loads of symptoms and it is getting unbearable right now.

Thinning, Brittle hair.

Whole body is swollen.


Poor memory.

Muscle weakness.

Puffy face.

Extreme tiredness.

Anyone have any ideas about what could be causing my symptoms? I really don't know what to do atm and it's making it near impossible to attend my lectures :(

Answered on your new thread.

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