Adrenal fatigue and blood pressure


I have read on this site that if you take your blood pressure sitting down then stand up and take it again and your BP goes up then the adrenals are O.K. but if you have adrenal fatigue BP would drop. Well I have tried it today as I still do not feel totally well and my top number of BP dropped but the bottom number went up on standing. What does this mean, do I have adrenal fatigue or not.

Thanks browny

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  • Hi Browny

    I have adrenal insufficiency which was picked up through a blood test during a 3 day fast in hospital to check if I had insulinoma (I don't) and here they found my thyroid was destroyed and I had low levels of cortisol. The symptons I had for the adrenal problem were, skin pigmentation on my neck and one foot, also extremely dry skin and overall tiredness (which fits in with the thyroid problem).

    The is thinking that with adrenal problems the blood pressure can drop upon standing, but I am unsure which one top or bottom?

    Have you been able to have a blood test to check?


  • Many thanks for your reply, I have not had any tests for adrenals, I am seeing a NHS endo next month so I am hoping he will look into it. Funny you saying about the pigmentation on your neck, I have a large white area in the centre of my neck so wonder if this is connected.

    Kind regards browny

  • Try this link, it is clearer than anything else I have hunted through for the answer:

  • Many thanks, I have read the link so does it mean its normal for top number to fall slightly and bottom number to raise on standing

    Kind regards browny

  • No I don't think it is normal. I think both should rise on standing if your adrenals are working properly.

  • If you have serious adrenal problems then the blood pressure can go really low suddenly n the face of some kind of stress (and not just upon standing). It's something akin to going into shock as the adrenals also release hormones that regulate blood pressure. The blood pressure drop shows that the adrenals are failing to respond properly to the stressor - they simply run out of oomph.

    I think the kind of blood pressure drop you get from standing up is more to do with how much blood you have, the vascular tone of your capilliaries (if that's the right way of putting it), and the performance of the autonomic nervous system.

    In people with mild to moderate "adrenal fatigue", the autonomic nervous system may actually be the real problem, not the adrenal glands themselves.

    If the bottom number doesn't fall, then you passed the test I would think. But it's not the most scientific test in the world. :-)

  • Many thanks for your reply

    Kind regards browny

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