best supplements for adrenal fatigue?

I hope it's ok to ask questions about adrenal fatigue and supplements here as well...

I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue over a year ago, and told to take large doses of vitamins and minerals to cure that.

I still have low cortisol output, and would like to know if anyone can recommend a really potent, OTC product? I'd really hate to go on prescription drugs.

I also have borderline low aldosterone levels.

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  • I take adrenal glandulars and that has been helpful. I've just read in a link from another post that you should avoid them though as they also contain adrenaline which is not helpful. Instead they recommend adrenal cortex which I see you can buy online. Sorry I'm not an expert in this area. I've posted questions in the past about adrenals and haven't had replies, so I hope this helps.

  • lisabex, you have just answered what I have been wondering for 5 years. I was low on adrenal function- very low and this was not picked up by any medical- am I surprised no! I had massive face swelling and swellings in my eyes and face so bad that accident and em/ hosp gave me 30mg a day of prednisolne to take swelling down.thats cortisol replacement in other words. if I had had enough cortisol I wouldn't have swelled a s cortisol controls histamine. they reckon anyone who has asthma or hayfever etc- should have acortisol test.

    now--- I had this pred at 30mg for a week/8 days- and I HAD NEVER FELT SO WELL... so, that was becos my poor body had got some cortisol-- but I didnt know at that time, so when I stopped it- my whole body crashed because it was obviously low on cortisol, I had a high replacement for a week, I then stopped the whole supply in my body,as I had only got a week and my body went haywire. I took nax, quite a high dose, as I had seen a therapist woman who wired me to a computer for a read out of what was wrong but----------naxt was obviously too strong, --adrenaline???? I didn't know it contained that either- and I have since learned that if you are low on cortisol yourbody will produce more adrenaline in order to survive, my GOD I was ill,-- I had started trembling, going hot cold, sweating, and so wired but tired, I felt soooooooooooooooo ill---nauseus dizzy lightheaded, unable to eat, cardboard mouth, lost a stone, liquid diahorrea, felt faint all day, couldn't stand, felt like I was poisned, weak, I thought I was slowly dying, I shook, internally and externally, I was too ill to look after myself, myfriend had to take care of me, I learned about th eexcess adrenaline when you are low on cortisol from DR. ED LICTCHEN.. so be very careful what youtake, I had that trembling for 5 years after that and I still have it- just had a adrenal test back and hey-- all low on cortisol and dhea . again!

  • It's a real minefield isn't it pettals? ive gone round in circles a few times. Low Dhea so took supplements as guided by doc then the adrenals went even lower so had to cut back on Dhea. Will test soon to see how things are but suspect I need adrenal cortex and not the glandulars. LB

  • difference between glandulars and cortex? cos I am going to need something..

  • Apparently cortex has no adrenaline but glandulars do. I think it was on the sttm link that was posted earlier. I must look into it

  • o thanks I will look too if I remeber

  • not sure about aldosterone-- you could find a BANT practicioner to advise, I was going to say b5 for adrenal ashwangda and rhodiola, but as you have low aldosterone and I don't know about,-- that I wouldn't like to say what to take.

  • Be careful one size does not fit all with adrenal insufficiency. For instance some promote liquorice but it made me feel very unwell. I think it is important to find out if you have high or low cortisol, although some of us have both throughout the day. I have been on a vitamin regime for many months but I suspect the most benefit for me has been taking 10mg DHEA and magnesium citrate which has helped my sleeping pattern, better sleep of course is vital for healing. I have just sent off for some pure D-Ribose Vitamin C as many promote this for healing the adrenals, I will post my findings on the latter when I have experimented.

  • OK, thanks to all of you! Can anyone recommend a particularly good brand of adrenal cortex? I have looked around a little, and it seems most if not all brands contain bovine adrenal cortex. I think Isocort contained adrenal cortex from sheep(?), but I have not found any brand using porcine adrenal cortex. Maybe it's not the same as with thyroid; I've read that porcine thyroid is closer to human thyroid than for instance bovine or ovine thyroid, and that is the reason porcine thyroid glands are used in NDT.

  • I've found something called Adreno Trophic but you can only find it in USA well I can only find it there . I have adrenal exhaustion too but have taken just a few NAX , but I'm uncomfortable taking a bovine extract and would prefer a porcine one . So think I'll be ordering those

  • PS. The Hertoghe doctors seem to prefer Medrol to hydrocortisone, at least in patients who tend to retain fluid (which many hypothyroid patients do). Does anyone know the pros and cons of Medrol, as opposed to HC? As far as I know, these doctors do not used pred at all for this condition.

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