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good product for adrenal fatigue?

This product has been getting consistently great reviews, so I am tempted to try it. However, it contains 50 mg of adrenal substance per capsule, along with 150 mg of adrenal cortex. Should adrenal substance be avoided altogether, and just ACE preferred, when you have been diagnosed with adrenal fatigue?

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oldestnewest I think this is similar, you could compare them and look at some reviews.

There was a suggestion that there may be cortisol included but not listed. I guess it would have to be prescribed then. I like the additional support in this one.


Do you actually take that one, Héloïse?


Yes, I do, gg. My problem is that I am not symptomatic enough to notice the nuance of slight improvement, and then you can have a good day or a bad day so it is difficult to assess. It's only been a few weeks and I will reorder.

My new project is about biofilms. These infections are causing chronic inflammation which in turn can culminate in all sorts of chronic conditions. I hope I can make sense of it. If you are interested.


Think it's a bit too late for me, Héloïse. The Hashi's got me good! As far as I know, I never had Epstein-Barr, all I ever had was measles and chickenpox.

I was just wondering about the licorice root, because it doesn't suit everyone. I like the idea of yours, because it doesn't have too much 'stuff' in it. I know I can't take ginseng and ashwagandha, so those things containing them aren't for me. But yours sounds like a 'lite' version, if I can express it that way. :)


I thought the reviews were very good. I like that about iHerb since people have to buy it first in order to leave a review.

I used to love licorice root and ginseng but I was a lot younger then and the stimulants were helpful.

So I thought working on the adrenals from this angle might help.

About the biofilms, there is a visual test I think. I have to look it up. You don't need to have had EBV. The bottom line is that these insidious infections cause your own cytokines to overreact. I read years ago that this mechanism is what actually killed millions during the Spanish Flu in 1918.

The bottom line though is that these infections and inflammation wear away the brain barrier and cause of damage. They can use a Quandt MRI to detect it. This all effects gene regulation so it all comes back to that.

Right now I find it really fascinating but will try to find out if the information is valuable enough to spend what is left of my brain cells:)


Well, good reading, then! :)


I've taken Adrenergize, which is much the same. It works pretty well for me but I do better on Nutri meds adrenal cortex. I didn't realize how much better until I ran out of Adrenergize and borrowed some cortex from a friend.


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