Can someone clarify re vit D/magnesium supplements please?

Hello all - I've been looking through past posts, trying to clarify some Dos and Don'ts as regards supplements, but can't find exactly what I'm looking for, so I hope I'm not repeating too much.

I take levo + anti-histamine + Kalms daily. These are the regulars.

I had post-thyroid-surgery hypoparathyroidism, which seems to have resolved, but my recent calcium test was just below range. The doc thinks it's a seasonal blip and suggested taking D3, rather than any calcium meds as such, for a couple of months.

A very knowledgeable friend says there's no point taking D3 without K2, and I've also read that you need sufficient magnesium to metabolise vit D. (My diet is generally healthy btw, and I do nibble on things which are beneficial, like raw almonds and pecans.)

I'm keen to try a magnesium oil as I've read many good reports on its efficacy for many conditions, and I believe many of us are probably deficient anyway.

Can I do any harm introducing magnesium oil to my daily routine? I appreciate that you're not all medical professionals, but I know that forum members have such a vast range of knowledge that I always appreciate your thoughts and advice.

What I DON'T want is to introduce something which is counter-productive (or unnecessary).

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  • PS I did buy D3 from the health food shop (can't remember brand) so I have just started taking that daily, though as above it may not be doing much without its companion supplements.

  • Fio, be careful. Could be doing a lot of harm. Vit D grabs on to calcium, so with supplementation of D you are hyperabsorbing calcium - so you need your other fat sol vitamins as co factors to stop the calcium gravitating to your arteries, heart muscle and brain - hardening of the arteries ring a bell? You need vit A essentially from food - liver (once per week) grass fed butter, eggs. Cheese for MK4 K2 and supplements for MK 7 K2

  • Thank you, yes, those are all in my diet, although liver not often enough probably. I have heeded the advice re K2 from others on here, to encourage calcium to go where it should. Just constantly shocked that docs don't have nutritional knowledge and don't advise the full story. What did we do before the Internet?!

  • I know. And then this summer it was announced that everyone in the UK should be taking vit D but no mention that need to take the other fat sol vitamins with it!! Well they can't really can they as the NHS still recommends a low fat diet - Gordon Bennet!

  • If you have low magnesium it can affect PTH levels and hence serum calcium. I've not heard of needing magnesium to metabolise D3, I think it unlikely. As vit D deficiency is common in the winter months and many people are low in magnesium I would take both. You will not do any harm taking oral or topical magnesium unless you have kidney problems which might impair magnesium elimination.

  • Thanks. For info, I read this on a topic on this forum: 'Magnesium is essential for transforming D3 into its active form.'

  • I've had a quick look at this topic and the research referenced. It does seem that magnesium plays a role in vitamin D formation. The research uses animal studies and without going to the effort of getting hold of the research I assume these animals were severely deficient. The minute quantities of vit D

    would use very little magnesium. Also there are no simple markers for magnesium deficiency and this would include vit D levels. So, yes magnesium has a role but I'm guessing there is no problem unless you have severe deficiency. It there were it would have been observed long ago, vit D levels would jump up in subjects given magnesium. I'm very wary of taking much notice of these sort of 'popular medicine' documents.

    Vit D and magnesium deficiency are both common and cause multiple problems. I would suggest supplementing both, a little magnesium on a regular basis and vit D supplementation during the winter months (or a trip to the tropics!).

  • I did ask my GP if he could prescribe a holiday but he didn't seem keen...

  • Some info on Magnesium and Vitamin D - they definitely need to be taken together :

  • Fab, thank you x

  • Last article is very interesting as I can not tolerate taking any vitamin D supplements. But have found magnesium supplement very helpful (calm vitality magnesium powder).

  • From the Vit D Council, an article about Vit D and other vitamins and minerals

  • It's not that there's no point in taking vit D3 without K2, it's that D3 increases the absorption of calcium from food (which is much better than taking calcium supplements!). And you need the K2 to make sure the calcium goes into the bones and teeth, rather than the soft tissues, like heart and kidneys. K2 MK7 is the best one. :)

  • Excellent! Thank you. I know there's been a lot of discussion of this, but I'm so tired I do find it hard to take it all in, and this is a perfect simple summing-up. Got it! x

  • You're welcome. :)

  • Hi greygoose, do you buy k2 mk7 or do you eat certain foods? X

  • Personally, I buy the supplements, because I have trouble eating anything at all. :)

  • You can get good supply of magnesium from cocoa powder. Try my breakfast drink - tablespoon grass fed butter, tablespoon coconut oil (doesn't have to be acurate as both will be solid) heaped teasp of cocoa powder - boiling hot water poured on to make 2 mugs. Blend with hand blender for 20sec to make frothy - I make in milk pan altho no heating as can pour into mug. Go easy on the fat till used to it. Google the facts about Bulletproof Coffee - only I use cocoa for its antioxidant effects and high magnesium. You will get lots magnesium and fat soluble vitamins. If not eat high 70-90% chocolate for magnesium.

    Also the sleep doctor, Dr Michael Breus. wash your organic banana, chop ends off, cut in half or thirds, place in saucepan, pour over boiling water and boil then simmer for few mins. drink the liquid as tea - very high in magnesium and no horrible effects as in some supplements. I like to eat my banana so just boil the skin. Apparently there is so much more magnesium in the skin - very high :)

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