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Blood Tests

Having done a lot more research on thyroid problems. I have decided that rather than treating my under active thyroid, I need to get a blood test done so I can see the full picture. I need to find out if I have adrenal fatigue and what my T levels are, whether my body is lacking nutrients etc. I am not sure where to go for a private blood test and would appreciate any pointers please. Thank you.

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Well, it certainly can't hurt to know your starting position. Though having looked at your last post, it's looking like you may have Hashimoto's given your antibodies. It may not be possible to heal your thyroid by natural means but you may be able to slow down the damage.

Re where to go, I can recommend Blue Horizon for blood tests. See this page here:


Thank you, yes it does sound like Hashimoto's. It is good to be e a starting point so I know exactly what I am dealing with.


I've recently had comprehensive blood tests done by Blue Horizon which included thyroid (TSH and FT4) plus Vit D, B12, Folate, Ferritin, also Transferrin saturation % which are all the ones recommended by members here. This is the one I had and this month there is an offer of a freebie test and you could choose the FT3 and TPO test which would give a good picture of your thyroid. I had my blood drawn at a Spire hospital and it was included in the price.

There are other options, have a look on Thyroid UK's website as it has links to all of them and you can see which suits you best.

I'll also be having an Adrenal Stress Profile Test through Genova, there's a link to them as well.


Thank you so much Susie this is really helpful. I will look into it and hopefully can begin to resolve this thyroid issue.


Blue horizon put a post on here a few days ago. They are offering a comprehensive set of tests for £99.

Xx. G.


Thank you, I have just been looking on their website and see they have offers on.

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Thank you, I have sent off for the kit.


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