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Blood tests next week

Hi I finally went to a GP to see what they might do, before going private. He was more supportive than I would have thought, and I'm getting blood test next week for hormones, sex and adrenal and diabetes. Not sure if he mention thyroid specifically. But he said time of day and fasting didn't matter, but to stop my supplements now. He might then refer me to an endo, depending on results. Does this test seem like it would work, and is there any advice on whether I should fast and go for morning time? My suspected problem is adrenal, namely aldosterone. I wake around 3 times a night to urinate, often wide awake, and I sweat excessively when I exert myself even just slightly, or when it's hot/humid (which to me is over 12 degrees in UK!). I'm 33 and quite active/fit.

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I would have your blood test as early as possible (in the hope you are having a test for your thyroid gland too). It will be disappointing if you don't.

It has only recently been advised that we don't eat before it (usually cholesterol is higher when hypo even before we are diagnosed but reduces when on thyroid hormones). Also leave approx 24 hours after taking thyroid hormones before the blood test and take it after blood test.


if he didn't mention thyroid then he may not test it, request all the tests for thyroid. free t4 free t3 at least, besides TSH. Sex Hormones are not accurate with Blood and are only tested thru Saliva or Urine at Hormone Replacement Facilities. Cortisol test should be done around the time your body normally wakes you up, but a low or too high number, is not conclusive of anything and again, saliva is a preferred method, or so i am told. Yoiu would need to fast for Diabetes testing or level is falsely elevated, unless it is a random type test, so he is not doing this correctly either. An A1C is a test commonly used that tests over a 3 month period. Fasting may or may not be required.


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