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Hypothyroidism - does anyone know of a natural medicine which can be taken for Hypothyroidism?

Have been told by someone that there are natural cures for Hypothyroidism which contains Iodine, but didn't catch the name. Apparently it is much better for you and doesn't cause some of the problems you can get with THyroxine. Would be intrested in any info.


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Halerm, there are alternative thyroid replacements to synthetic Levothyroxine which also contains iodine. In Natural Dessicated Thyroid (NDT), the T4 and T3 is derived from pig thyroid (there is a bovine form available) but there are still chemical processes and fillers added to produce the hormone in stable tablet form. NDT is prescription only in the UK but it isn't licensed for UK use so few NHS GPs and doctors will prescribe it. Most members using NDT buy online.



Proceed with care if you have Hashimotos as proteins in porcine or bovine gland can aggravate the thyroid and induce a hashi attack.

I haven't used these products but understand there are strict protocols for introducing NDT. Many people on here use it and would probably advise.

The only really natural products are compounded when a chemist mixes T4 and/or T3 without the use of binders or fillers. This is very expensive and require refrigeration to preserve activity.

I do not know if it is even available in the UK.



The whole iodine question is a problem. If you have too little you are hypo, if you take to much you can destroy your thyroid and be hypo or hyper. Best not to take it unless you know you need it. No harm in eating some sea vegetables if you aren't allergic. The ayurvedic (I think) remedy is guggul. But if you aren't making the hormones because your hypothalamus, pituitary or thyroid are damaged, the only way to fix it is by supplementing the missing hormones.

If you are just deficient in the necessary vitamins etc needed for conversion, fixing those problems might also fix the thyroid. It all depends on the root cause.

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