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Need reassurance

I'm tired of being tired. The numb feet is annoying. I can't hardly drive without feeling like I could fall asleep. Someone please tell me why my labs clearly diagnosed me with hoshimotos disease yet not even an endocrinologist will treat me? My TSH is "normal". T3 and T4 normal as well. Why am I not me??? Why do I feel like I need to lay down all the time or I might pass out? I've been trying to slowly get half hour of low impact exercise in everyday I can. Been eating tons of green leafy veggies and alternating with distilled and filtered water. I get up in the moment and am running into things and feel like I could fall over. My personality is changing and I get very agitated when I feel like this! Also does heat make it worse? Because this all started last summer on a hot day and I noticed I can't tolerate heat anymore and I used to love it. Is this how I'm supposed to feel and why won't a doctor treat me???? I'm 32 years old and shouldn't feel like this every single day!

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Funnygembunni, sadly few doctors recognise that autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's) can cause significant problems even though thyroid levels are in the normal range. Most wait until the patient has abnormal thyroid levels and treat the hypothyroidism with Levothyroxine. You may get more help from naturopath or functional doctors and this link may help you find a good thyroid doctor


Having numb feet, walking into things, feeling tired, personality changes..

Ask your doctor for blood tests for B12 and folate, also ask for testing for vitamin D, ferritin and folate. Low B12 can cause permanent neurological damage and brain damage. Anaemia can cause incredibly bad fatigue and tiredness. Don't leave this any longer - if you have pernicious anaemia, then every delay creates more damage.

Get a copy of the results of the tests, including the reference ranges, and post them here.

Please don't start supplementing B12 until you have had the results of testing. If you have pernicious anaemia then supplementing can make it very hard to get a diagnosis.

It is perfectly possible that you have thyroid problems as well. But the B12 is more urgent right now.

The Pernicious Anaemia Society has a forum on HealthUnlocked and you can join it here :


I was going to say more or less the same thing!


As always your replies are very helpful thank you! I found someone on the list you sent and hopefully she is able to help! She actually answered her OWN phone and spoke to me directly!


"Normal " means zilch

its vital you get copies of the tests and the reference ranges that have been done

then we will know whats going on


Funnygembunni, I'm a little concerned about those 'tons of green leafy veggies' you've been eating. Have you ever heard of goitrogens?

Goitrogens are substances that impede the uptake of iodine by the thyroid gland. They can cause - or intensify - hypothyroidism. Most green leafy veggies contain goitrogens - cabbage, cauliflower, spinach, etc.

Now, not all goitrogens cause problems for all hypos, but it is possible that some of what you're eating is having a bad effect on your health - yes, not all 'healthy' foods are healthy for everyone!

What I would suggest, is doing an illimination diet, just to make sure. Cut out all your leafy veggies for a couple of weeks, and then reintroduce them one at a time, and see how you feel after eating them. Could make a world of difference to how you feel.

Have a look here :


If you cook the leafy green veggies you should be ok though - I think it's only raw ones that have this effect.


So sorry you have been having such a terrible time.Some good advice on here. Hang in there and I am sure you'll get it sorted.


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