Yet MORE symptoms, I know I'm a pain but anyone recognise these?

I posted yesterday about a burning face, it's burning again tonight but also tonight I have very swollen ankles and feet (worse on the left foot) and my tummy is also bloated. Feel bloated all over but it's my ankles and feet that are bothering me. My legs feel very heavy too and my feet are warm. Swollen ankles and bloated ness isn't completely unusual for me, I swell in the heat and also when flying but fir it to just be there without heat or flying or being on my feet all day isn't usual

All day I've been sighing, this is quite common for me but it just doesn't stop. I am on ferrous sulphate tablet 200mg twice a day for an iron deficiency.

I'm also getting anxious about my breathing at bed time. I struggle to breathe through my nose, I feel like not enough air is getting into my body when I breathe in through my nose so I have to breathe through my mouth too. Then I get a bit panicky that I can't breathe properly and my heart starts to beat rapidly or it feels like it isn't beating properly.

Reported feeling so much better about a month ago but now getting different symptoms, so bored of this. Like us all, just want a normal fit and healthy life.

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  • I've not been able to breathe properly through my nose since Christmas. It leaves me with a really dry and nasty tasting mouth in the morning. Yucky

  • Know that feeling! Any ideas why we get this?

  • Swelling of the mucous membranes I think.

  • Are you sure you're not going down with a virus as there's a nasty one going round that causes a lot of the symptoms you describe, though lots are also hypo symptoms

  • I think the breathing thing is a panic attack. The more you concentrate on your breathing the worse it get and then you start to panic. You are always concious of your breathing and by doing this you are making it worse. It's a horrible feeling and you end up almost gasping for breath. Try breathing calmly into a paper bag when it gets to bad as find a relaxation technique that will help.

    Moggie x

  • Yes definitely thinking and worrying about it makes it worse. But I have always breathed through my nose, really quietly, to the point where hubby thinks I've died in my sleep! But since becoming ill its been horrible! I even sometimes snore and that's unheard of :-(

  • I snore now sometimes too - just getting my own back! :D

  • Well yes, it makes a change, he snores like a train!

  • or it could even be B12 'sighs' air hunger? - just a thought as iron & Vit D tested low - probably others are low too.

    I tend to breathe through my mouth too, as can't get enough air though nose (sinus trouble also seems common for us).

    Vit C helps absorb iron - how are you getting on with iron supplements? - many find they get 'bunged' up.

    Vit D helps absorb calcium, Magnesium & K2 help Vit D control calcium (otherwise the parathyroids do)

    B12 is optimised with B complex etc etc.

    The more I read the more I realise all this works together...... a big jigsaw! J :D

  • Hi I'm off for a blue horizon vitamin, iron & TSH test tomorrow so at least I can get an idea of where I am. What did you mean about the iron tablets getting bunged up?!

  • er... constipation, you're one of the lucky ones then! hope you're having a B12 test too...& folate - good luck. btw I have swollen cankles in the summer (non-pitting variety) low iron kept coming up as a suspect despite overdosing on spinach, red meat, liver & pate! J :D

  • Lol! Thought it meant constipation, it was just the way I read your post, thought it meant the iron inside you bungs up and you get a back log of iron which makes you ill, doh! Having a blonde moment. But yes, I am lucky, I can tolerate the iron well.

  • If you take enough vit c, they balance each other out and you shouldn't get so constipated. Works for me :-)

  • Hi again Debsy, try to stop the sighing, it's anxiety-related and the more you sigh the more you'll need to sigh. If you feel your heart starting to beat fast or if you're starting to panic, go and immerse your face in a bowl of icy cold water. (Saw this on TV once when a doctor was going free diving in the Arctic, he wanted to bring his heart rate right down) It kicks off the Mammalian diving reflex. Try not to stress about swollen legs & burning faces - there are lots of us out here with the same :-D I'm sure with help from the good people on here you'll eventually get some answers.

  • Hi Sazzy, thank you, I think I just need to know its a hypo symptom and nothing serious. To hear you say lots of others experience what I have stated helps :-)

  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage may help with the bloating and swelling. It's perfectly painless and reduced the swelling of my feet and ankles.

  • It sounds like your dose is too low

  • Google 'Erythromelalgia'. There's a good website too 'Living with Erythromelalgia'.

  • Dr Lowe says air hunger can be a symptom of undermedication. As is the swelling on your legs. I don't know if you have your recent blood test results.

    I think you may need the addition of T3..Two excerpts:-

    1. I referred the patient to several sections of my book, The Metabolic Treatment of Fibromyalgia.[1] In those sections, I explain that labored breathing is a troubling symptom for which some hypothyroid patients seek medical care.[2, 11-13, 15-24] Medical journals contain many reports of some patients with hypothyroidism or thyroid hormone resistance having laboured breathing. The difficult breathing is called "air hunger" or "dyspnea." Air hunger, however, isn’t the worst of the breathing troubles of some patients with too little thyroid hormone regulation.

    In The Metabolic Treatment of Fibromyalgia,[1] I explain various mechanisms of these patients’ air hunger, all of which result from too little thyroid hormone regulation. One mechanism is weakness of their respiratory muscles, including the diaphragm.[22-23] Researchers call this weakness of respiratory muscles "hypothyroid myopathy."

    Another mechanism is impairment of the phrenic nerves that regulate contractions of the diaphragm. When impaired, these nerves send too few signals to the diaphragm for it to contract normally.[23]

    2. Hypothyroidism doesn't have to be severe to lead to weak breathing responses to increased carbon dioxide in the body. Researchers published a report on ten patients with hypothyroidism less severe than that of the patient in the above paragraph. Two of these patients had "blunted ventilatory responses to hypercapnea." This means that high carbon dioxide levels didn't provoke a normal increase in breathing to lower the carbon dioxide levels. The patients' breathing responses to increased carbon dioxide improved when they underwent thyroid hormone therapy.[35]

    I think your doctor or Endocrinologist should do a new thyroid gland blood test, in particular a T3 test.

  • Thank you Shaws. You really are a wealth of information. Have you ever thought of writing a book? Mary Solomon did it after trying to educate herself, you know so much, I'm sure you could produce a book! Thanks again, What you have just explained to me makes a lot of sense.

    I think I'm under medicated too. I feel so tired today and my hair is starting to come out a little again too. I had a blood test today so be interesting to see these results. Endo has suggested next step may be to add some T 3.

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