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Okay so it's 1:30pm, middle of the day. I just woke up. Is this okay that I'm sweaty and just seem to not be able to get up??? I've made an appointment for 4:30p but does anyone else ever feel like they cannot, literally cannot get up??! When I do get up, I'm dizzy and wanna fall down again. I know my thyroid labs are going to all be normal as usual. I'm tired of this getting to the point of panic. I'm told go gluten free but can't even get up to get to the store let alone cook food. I cannot shake this. Synthroid over the month apparently isn't helping. Feel like my body has run a marathon and I don't remember it. I want this over and I want to be able to get up, I want one day without the fearful feeling of passing out. Does anyone else feel the crippling numbness?!! The inability to physically get up? I know the gluten free way, I know I'm low on vitamin D, I know I have to go with no sugar in the diet. I know I have to supplement with selenium. Are these symptoms normal is what I want to know? I'm tired of being two seconds away from calling an ambulance for myself and want to know if this can kill someone or if the doctors are missing something else. Because this is not who I was a year ago and I don't even remember what I was like anymore before this hit. Does anyone out there feel this way too??? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated please because today is a scary day.

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  • I have read in the past some members have had similar experience to yourself.

    Maybe Synthroid isn't for you as sometimes it doesn't work for some people. I didn't get well on Levothyroxine.

    I know many Endos won't prescribe Natural Dessicated Thyroid Hormones which have been used since 1892. Maybe if you could get a prescription, or for an NDT without a prescription, invented by Dr John Lowe to avoid the necessity of a prescription.

    There is also prescribed NDT's Armour, Erfa, are but two.

  • I was like this a couple of months ago. Literally exhausted all the time. My bloods showed my Vitamin D was very low - the new surgery changed my scrip from gel capsules to huge tablets that I couldnt swallow and I stopped taking them, also my D12 was very low. Of course they said everything was normal, but I had subclinical hyperparathyroid. I got my gel capsules back although they didn't up the dose. I supplemented with various vitamins and minerals for two months, and have been taking a small dose of T3 for two weeks, and am now feeling much better, though not right by any means. My bloods say that everything is fine - as always - and my parathyroid is ok now. I think that what triggered it with me might have been they changed my levo from one brand to another because of different dosages, it didnt suit me and the cumulative effect was what knocked me right off my feet, literally. I am going to see my GP when she comes back from her holiday and ask for my old levo back, in 25mcg tablets.

  • Sorry that should be B12

  • If your B12 was low you should buy sublingual B12 methylcobalamin which dissolve under our tongue and bypass stomach. We cannot overdose on B12 as excess is excreted.

  • I went on 5000mcg of sublingual for 8 weeks and am on a maintrnance dose now, from clutters advice and its made a world of difference. I feel almost human again. lol!

  • Most of us when first diagnosed don't know the importance of trying to ensure the same make/dose until we're well. I myself was doing very well then was having symptoms I hadn't had before. When I changed to another make all symptoms went and I've been fine so far. I am convinced that some change their fillers/binders willy/nilly and we can suffer again.

    I hope your doctor will let you have the dose/levo you want.

  • I dont see why not, as it was changed to accomodate the fact that I find small pills in blister packs hard to fiddle with. But yoi never know. But thanks to this fantastic forum I am getting so much info, I feel more confident to argue my case. Thanks to all of you.

  • One of the symptoms I used to get a lot was sweating, and still get it now and again but much less frequently, for me personally, I have found out this happens when I either have an infection (I get recurrent urine infections and now take low does antibiotics daily to prevent this), if I have eaten something I am intolerant to (gluten, maize or diary my hands in particular will sweat with intolerance), or sometimes if I'm stressed and worrying a lot. I also found when taking Wockhardt levo I was a total mess had every symptom - I assume it had something to do with the fillers used.

  • Dear funnygembunny, yes, I was much like you, unable to move sometimes and diagnosed with ME which, since reading this site, I think was a misdiagnosis. The under-active thyroid was diagnosed later. I suffered dizziness and would sometimes fall and know that I was falling but be unable to correct myself, so I just relaxed and crumpled.

    In a good week I cook for myself once or twice, a casserole or something that will last for several meals. I mostly eat raw veggies, salads, fruit, nuts, seeds and anything else that needs no preparing and no washing up. Salted nuts help me greatly, they help the dizziness and I explore the advice and guidance on here (eg gluten free).

    I also stopped drinking tap water because the chlorine definitely makes me worse (since discovered that's not uncommon when hypothyroid)

    I have also followed the advice on here about supplements.

    We sound similar so I hope some of this might help and the others on this site are far more knowledgeable than I and will no doubt tell you more.

    Even so, I would get your GP to check you more thoroughly for anything else, you need to know for your peace of mind.

  • Thank you Thyr01d.

    I have had two MRIs of

    The brain, a CT scan of the chest, two chest X-rays, ENT tests, CT of the abdomen and Doppler of legs to check for clots. When this started it hit hard and with cardiac symptoms so after three visits to the hospital and nothing coming up ever, I made cardio go through echo, stress test and cardiac catheterization to make sure it wasn't my heart. The palpitations still happen but not as often or as scary. The constant dizziness and brain fog is scary, and th but sleepiness is getting to me now. My symptoms have changed a lot but when I fall asleep I feel like I'm going numb a lot. Spasms in my chest annoy me. And I used to feel sometimes like I was burning from th inside out. I'm still alive though and keep telling myself that if I haven't actually passed out yet that I'm probably not going to. I just would like my life back, where I used to pop up in the mornings and get going without a second though about my health.

  • Hello again Funnygembunny and thanks for your reply.

    A couple of other things have occurred to me. One is that I was given too much thyroxine for a while and that made me worse, brought back the under-active symptoms, especially heart thumping/missing beats/arrhythmia etc plus I had over-active symptoms at the same time. Since you are hot I wonder if that could be the case with you?

    The other thought is that I am currently trying magnesium because a deficiency seems to have many of the same symptoms - tiredness, dizziness and those things below:

    MUSCLE ACHES AND PAINS, FATIGUE, HEART ARRHYTHMIA ETC = depression, cardiovascular system probs, poor teeth, calcium deposits eg kidney + gall stones, indigestion, especially indigestion.

    Researching all this stuff we could get so hypochondriac!!!!

    Please keep in touch to let us know if you start to improve.

  • Thank you! I was hoping after a month of being on the synthroid that my doctor would do thyroid panel but he didn't he's an American doctor who wouldn't give me synthroid for the longest time because my thyroid labs are always normal, but finally after speaking to everyone and reading I convinced him to let me try it. He was just seeing before a refill if I had any adverse symptoms. It's safe to say I haven't had heart palpitations as much and I notice I can walk further after starting it without having the shortness of breath, after speaking to people here i was able to get him to increase me from 25mcg to 50mcg successfully. He says that it might take a lithe while to feel any better if this treatment is going to work for me. I'm hopeful but just really tired of feeling afraid all the time. I appreciate your advice very much and always come on here when I need reassurance because a lot of the time I really worry something dangerous could be happening. I've never even been sick prior to this nightmare so I worry sometimes that it's deadly and they are missing something.

  • Oh, Funnygembunni, it's easy to understand your worries. Let's hope that with the help of this site you start to improve, once you can see yourself improving your concerns will ease.

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