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TSH 0.12....trying to conceive

I've had underactive thyroid for 4 years....I'm on 100mg levotheroxine. ..my TSH is 0.12...free t4 17.9. ...doc says that's fine. But I've read that TSH should be between 1-2 if trying to conceive. ..ive already had 2 miscarriages and feel they are not monitoring me. I have ask for my bloods to be taken as I'm feeling really tired. They always come back normal. My TSH ranges from 0.25 - 0.47. Last week the doc looked on 2 Australian websites to tell me she thinks my TSH is fine....please help does anyone know. I feel this is reason why I can't fall pregnant.

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Welcome to the forum, Michelle5178.

It's high TSH which can make it difficult to conceive and increases the risk of miscarriage.

UK recommendations are TSH 0.4-2.0 and FT4 in the top 75% of range for women trying to conceive and newly pregnant. The ranges are guides, not set in stone. Your TSH is lower but if you reduce dose your FT4 will drop and it's more important to have good FT4 than TSH in range.

Hypothyroid patients often have low ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate which can cause fatigue. Ask to have them tested as good levels will be needed to cope with the demands of pregnancy.

I hope you'll be able to conceive soon.

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Thanks for your reply. OK thanks. Just difficult not to worry. I will get tested for other things. ...when I was diagnosed my TSH WAS 250.... so its been a difficult time...xx


Michelle, that is high and it takes time to recover. Your thyroid levels are good now and shouldn't be a barrier to conception.

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Thanks. Xx



I struggled to conceive 5 years ago. I went through the Dr , then hospital with no joy, I had been having acupuncture with a fantastic lady (she specialised in fertility and has quite a reputation)who kept me sane throughout she recommended I try a fertility clinic in Nottingham. As we had already paid for IVF through NHS,and I felt like nothing more than a number, we gave this clinic our last shot. They were great - tested for everything and anything to get answers, I was given different meds for IVF, resulting in a happy healthy little boy.

I felt very much that both the Dr and NHS listened but didn't hear me and with them it was a process of going through the motions, causes,were in my mind never looked at. The clinic in Nottingham listened and heard and investigated.

Your thyriod may well be the issue here, but maybe an acupuncturist can help you relax amongst other things ? ( if you believe in that sort of therapy)

I don't wish to alarm you in any way trying to get pregnant can be an extremely emotional and draining time especially when it's not working and it seems to be that everyone one around you is having babies.

I'm happy to pass on any more info about my experiences if it'll help.

Best of luck xx

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Hi I'm happy to hear you got your wee baby after trying for so long. It's been a long journey for us. I came off my pill 2011 didn't take period for 1 year then they found out it was my thyroid. So i got that down from TSH 250.....Then after my 2nd cycle I fell pregnant only to miscarry. My body wasn't ready. Then fell pregnant few months later but at 12 week scan it showed that there was some thing wrong with the baby. It wouldn't have survived. Heart, organs etc outside body. Cystic hygroma....we decided to have a medically induced misscarriage and had autopsy...so its a 7 in million chance it would happen again...it was a wee boy. My cycle wasnt normal so was put on clomid for 6 months for that to thin my lining I'm not on anything now. I always request my thyroid be checked. My GP or doc at hospital never ask about that. I need to read up on forums to find things out myself. Just feel the nurses don't have a clue. I'm having a normal period. But I got my tubes tested and I have a slight blockage on 1....I'm due end of July to get 3 lots of IUI...if that fails I get IVF....just feel it's never ending. I've had reflexology also. I don't mind my friends and people are having kids. I know it's closer to me having my wee boy or girl and I can't wait. Just need to stay positive. Xx


I also had to have a medically induced termination at 17weeks due to numerous problems. Think that knocked me for six then followed the 5 years of not being listened to and endless treatment. Clomid, iui, Ivf, icsi it went on and on.

For me my thyroid symptoms began after little man was born. I'm usually a glass half full person but sometimes I just wish the medical profession would listen. It can be a hard up hill slog !

I'm currently waiting to get private bloods done, hoping that it'll show something that indicates I'm not going mad.

I knew something wasn't right with my body back then and I was right, I feel it again now. I think women in particular can be very intuitive about their bodies.

Onwards and upwards!


I'm sorry to hear that. Yes it's not the nicest things to go through. They never said that was linked to my thyroid. Why do doctors not think this is a serious thing. I will go mental if they dont test my thyroid when I fall pregnant. I was looking up internet last night to see if I could go private. But I pay my taxes and I'm entitled to it from the NHS. Jus need to try stay calm lol.......can be a bit difficult. I feel for my husband as he says a go mental while I'm ovulating. And I must admit I can't help it but the slightest thing annoys me. What is your Tsh and t4 xx


I was a bit of nightmare at times, funny though I felt a real sense of calm whilst going to the Nottingham clinic.

I'm waiting to get bloods done. I've been back and forwards to my dr, seen 3 or 4 different gps. Finally they tested my tsh which was mid range. So despite everything I'm telling them. That one test done just once proves there's not a problem with my thyroid. Ggrrrr. So having broken down in tears, tried gym membership, slimming world, early nights. I'm still fat, still knackered, my feet are still cold despite warmer weather, I over heat at night, I can't remember what I did yesterday without a great deal of concentration, I'm irritable beyond belief. Horrendous clotty periods, muscle aches. It goes on. But to quote my gp "I'm being to hard on myself" wtf !!

It wasn't until I came across this site that I realised there were other tests to determine potential thyroid problems.

So I'm waiting on a kit from blue horizons and hoping for some answers or at least an avenue to explore. As at 37 id like to feel a little more alive than I currently do

Fingers crossed.

What part of the country are you in ?


It's a nightmare. It's weird as no one in my family has it. So that was the last thing they tested on me as the bloods showed I wasn't ovulating. ..I had never even heard of 'thyroid'. I'm not over weight though I have put a wee bit of weight on I'm still slim. What's the other tests your going to do....I also feel tired and can't be bothered doing anything. The tablets have helped as I used to be freezing all the time. I'm in Glasgow and even when it's good weather I'm cold in bed lol ...wear bed socks xx


I've been known to snuggle on the settee with a blanket and a couple of layers when everyone else is in tshirts and jeans and were generally ok weather wise in the Midlands. I Lost all my baby weight and a bit more in about 6-8 months. Then I went and had the contraceptive injection and it all went belly up from there. I felt a negative impact straight away so didn't have it renewed and told hubby he'd have to have the snip....still weighting lol!

I've gone for a full thyriod test. T4, TSH, FT4,FT3, THYROGLOBULIN ANTIBODIES, THYROID PEROXIDASE ANTIBODIES. See what it throws up if anything, may look at b12 and ferritin ? As they seem to come up a bit to ?

Someone else on here mentioned looking at estrogen dominance apparently can flag up similar symptoms ??

Who knows !


Yes I like to be nice and cosey. I will ask doc to get all the rest checked as I've only had Tsh and t4...Maybe at the start I got everything. I will need to ask for a full print out over the last 3 years....tsh 0.12 is lowest I've ever been. I read that could mean overactive...is that correct?


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