Very Interesting Report on Hypothyroidism relief

By reading this entire special report you are going to learn:

1- Why 90% of hypothyroid patients will never get lasting results from hormone replacement alone.

2- Why your thyroid replacement dose continually goes up, yet you continue to suffer with all of the same symptoms.

3- Why the common debate about "natural" vs. "synthetic" hormone replacement is completely irrelevant for 90% of hypothyroid sufferers. (hint: They are fighting the wrong battle.)

4- 90% of low thyroid cases in the United State have Autoimmune Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, which means your immune system has mistakenly began to attack and destroy your thyroid gland.

5- The reason why Hashimoto's Autoimmune Thyroid Sufferer's will continue to feel lousy...even after their labs are "balanced" with thyroid replacement, natural or synthetic.

6- Why the only effective treatment protocol will be focused on immune system balancing.

7- You'll also learn why patients from all over the country consult with the Center for Low Thyroid Solutions.

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  • Totally agree with n°3!

  • Hello my friend,

    I hope you read the entire report, it is very interesting, a bit long, but a good read.

  • I will do so, later. :)

  • Sorry DanteNXS but long web pages like that with lots and lots and lots of red text, bold text, yellow highlighting and repeated 'click heres' ring major alarm bells for me. Any practitioner worth his/her salt would not need to try and hook people in this way.

  • Oh! Yes, I see what you mean. Reads like an advert for something.

    DanteNXS, you should have said it was Dr David Clarke.

  • To me it's an advert for how to throw your money down a bottomless pit ;)

  • Am I missing something? Do you have some insight on this doctor? I just thought the information was insightful and wanted to share it, but if you have some information on him that I am unaware of, please let me know.

  • It's just that it's nothing new. There are no fresh revelations,

  • But at the end there will be the promise of relief, accompanied by a big ol' price tag.

    There is no such thing as a free lunch in thyroidism ...

  • Stitch, I am not sure what you're talking about, as there are no hyperlinks in this report and the RED is just there to separate the context. This doctor is one of a very small percentage of Functional practitioner who holds the following credentials:

    Functional Neurology

    Functional Endocrinology

    Fellow American Association of Integrative Medicine

    Fellow American Board of Brain Injury and Rehab

    Fellow American Board of Vestibular Rehab

    Diplomate College of Clinical Nutrition

    Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist

    Board Certified Vestibular Rehab Specialist

    I truly think you should read and even research him, prior to making a judgement call.


  • Are you advertising on his behalf? I am entitled to make my own judgement based on that web page. And as I'm in the UK, those credentials mean nothing to me.

  • No, I am not advertising for him, but in my 18+ months of research I have not found any Holistic/Functional practitioners who do not advertise their services, including all of those who participated in The Thyroid Secret. They all have websites that provide information, reports, studies, and then a way to schedule an appointment. I see no difference here. But again, I was only trying to provide information, nothing more.

  • For what I can gather is only formal study Chiropracty he is a doctor in chiropracty. The rest he has "study" on is own by reading arcticles and books no exams no professor to direct his thought process. While I am weary of formal medical teaching I always think it is necessary. Especially for biology. So he has found the answer to autoimmune conditions well he should publicise this in the Lancet. It seems all very dodgy to me.

  • So 90% of Women On Thyroid Replacement Hormones Are GUARANTEED to Continue Suffering With Low Thyroid Symptoms. The article doesn't clarify why it is only referring to women, unless I've missed something. Does this rule not apply to men then?

  • Ha! That was my question as well, not sure how this applies to men, but I am requesting a response from the doctor now. I'll let you know.


  • Dr David Clarke's 5 minutes videos are very good and free on UTube. Heloise usually posts them.

  • Hi Dante, as jay_b mentioned I have been posting Dr. Clarke's 5-minute videos for at least two years here and many times over. The root cause of any ailment needs to be addressed and yet how many physicians even attempt or are trained to attempt this. While he offered twenty possible reasons for low thyroid in his videos he advises finding someone who can

    diagnose yours specifically.

    Just as Type 1 diabetics are never cured by taking insulin, hypothyroids are never cured by taking thyroid hormones. I've also recommended Dr. John Bergman's videos and he also offers excellent information as an anatomy teacher the holistic manner in which you have to consider almost any disease. He gives wonderful insights that counter the healthcare system in place today.

    Izabella Wentz and her wonderful docu-series has a recommended list of functional practitioners and the area in which to locate them globally. These are the only kinds of professionals that seem to be educated to take a closer look at your symptoms and investigate why you have them. As Dr. Bergman states "your body is intelligent and ALWAYS has a reason for whatever action it takes". Our bodies are obviously more intelligent that our doctors.

    As another wonderful physician, Dr. Walt Stoll (now deceased) said " it will never be what you TAKE but what you DO that will positively affect your health and two decades ago he began teaching his 3-legged stool of whole food diet, exercise and meditation which he labeled "skilled relaxation". He was ahead of his time and this is even truer today.

    Thanks for your post.

  • pm me first if you are thinking of using him

  • It helps though I knew many parts of his writing already as I researched a lot for my symptoms and illness. I saw a lot of doctors and received treatment nut my symptoms got worse and my immune system got lower due to medicine with side effects.

    I wonder if he know much about patients with no thyroid gland due to surgery and side effect of levo.

  • Presumably we are the 10% he recognises he is not going to seduce with his plethora of facts and figures.

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