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Update on my T3 adventure

Hello all, I have not posted for a while, well April has been a good month for me, I have now been on 50mcg t4 with 40ish of T3 for 6 weeks, feel good. however wondering if I need to get some tests done to check on my levels. I have had a couple of migraines that seemed to linger wondering if this is related to my monthly cycle or a reaction in the drop of the levo. I now get up out of bed when the alarm goes off and am managing to get off to work okay I have increased my dose by 5mcg in the middle of the day as I get tired on weekends.

Everything seems okay, until I get on the scales I have put on weight!!!!! Not very happy about this only 4 pounds but still I was expecting to start to loose a little. Could this be the levo finally removed from my system? Thinking about keeping the extra 5mcg a day during the week to see if it helps.

Also I do buy extra T3 from abroad (well I have done once to get me started), I wanted to ask if I can get a tablet that is 20mcg as well as 5mcg as the ones that were sent were 25 mcg and I am finding it hard to get the balance of medication right plus they do not have a line of them so I am never sure if I am getting a split dose or not, as once I think I the meds were in one half and I got mega hot flushes and fast pulse only for an hour or so, if anyone can pm me that would help.

Overall I am very happy with the results.....should I tell my GP.... At the moment when I order a prescription I am still getting all the levo 150mcg and due to my increases the 20mcg of t3 they allow me is not lasting 4 weeks.....I was just going to ask the chemist to give it me the levo in 50mcg and only get the prescription every 3 months. Otherwise I am going to be totally overstocked on the levo, I could open my own And I do not want to cost the NHS any money unneccesarily.

Other thing is I do not think the Gp will do the testing for me but as she put me on the vit D and Calcium. I could always ask for a 6 week interim check on the levels, my chemist did write to the GP concerned about the level of tablets over 15 weeks was far too much. So I could use this to get some reassurances and just see if she will test some of them even if it is just my tsh FT4 which should be v low. Will have a look at BLue Horizon and see what I can afford.

Thanks to all who comment I have been recommending this site to all hypo people I come accross!!

Going to change my name to something now as I am not so slow anymore!!!

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These are the cheapest thyroid blood tests I have found

Good luck x


Birdsong, 40mcg T3 is quite a bit so it would be wise to have a FT3 test to check levels.

5mcg T3 tablets are available online but are very expensive > £100 for 100 x 5mcg tablets plus VAT and RM Admin fee. I'm not aware of sources for 20mcg T3.

Your GP should have amended your prescribing records to 50mcg. When you request your Levothyroxine prescription ask for 50mcg or ask the practice to amend your Levothyroxine dose requirement.


I have not told my gp yet for fear she will stop my t3 completely. the T3 I get from the chemist is 20mcg from mercury pharma just wondered I am expecting issues in the comming months.


Birdsong, I'm confused. Are you worried your GP will stop stop prescribing T3 because you have increased dose?


yes that right my endo prescribed 20mcg per day with 100 of levo and then my gp said the surgery were revising medication and that I had to see a Welsh Endo not an English one. Stupid Really, my private healthcare scheme also decided that as i now was considered normal by my gp they would not fund further private endo appointments.

So as I started to feel tired and continued to put on weight i decided to get rid of some more levo and add in more t3 and I feel better again. May well decide to remove all levo completely.

Just going to get my levels checked again as it has been 6 weeks now.


Birdsong, think hard before stopping all Levothyroxine. If you are on T3 only and can't take it for a couple of days due to shortage or sickness you can become hypo very quickly. I didn't tolerate T4 only and was fine on T3 only but I like the security of having some T4 in my system.


Yes I will it has only been 8 weeks on 3/4 t3, and I am fine with it so perhaps I will stay like this for now. I was the same which is why I did not cut out the T4 completely. I supose it is an option I can leave for the future and enjoy where I am at now.


Birdsong, yes don't fix what ain't broke :-D


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