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Hypo sympthoms while normall lab values


my FT3 range from 33 - 50% of the range. My antibodies are OK. But I have obvious hypo sympthoms

Morning body temperature range from 36,1 - 36,3

My digestion is poor (when digestive problems appear hypo sympthoms increase very much hitting also my adrenals etc).

My skin is dry

Energy is up / down. Sometimes OK sometimes lethargy.

What may be the culprit? I am sure that my adrenals are also somehow hitted but what cause low body temp to me?

Thank you.

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Do you have all your lab results? If you could post them with the reference ranges we may be able to see better what is wrong. It could be hypothyroidism but it is easier to tell with your lab results. If you have others like iron, vitamin b12, vitamin d etc, that would help too.

You can have hypothyroidism with lab results in the range. The ranges don't suit everyone.

Carolyn x

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Hypothyroidism is one reason that our temp becomes low due to lack of hormones. It is sometimes difficult to get diagnosed if our TSH (thyroid stimulating hormones) are within the normal range (and doctors take no notice of clinical symptoms).

Our stomach can give us problems too and I've found taking some Apple Cider Vinegar in juice or water before or after meals can help as it supplies acid to enable protein to be dissolved. If hypo we can produce to little acid and that can give us unpleasant symptoms. Sometimes, because high or low acid are so similar in symptoms many doctors prescribe antacids.

As CarolynB suggests, get a print-out of your most recent blood test results from the surgery (we are entitled and they cannot refuse but some charge a nominal sum for paper/ink). Always get a copy for your own records and so you can post if you have a query.

If you haven't had your B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate tested ask GP for a test and post these too.

We have to read and learn, unfortunately if we want to get improvements.

Hypothyroidism means we don't produce sufficient hormones to drive our metabolism normally, thus we can feel cold, slow pulse, fatigue, insomnia etc. There are about 300 symptoms altogether.


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