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Hypo to Hyper?

Hi all! I had my thyroid removed in 2013. I have been on naturethroid for about a year now. My levels are in range and I am feeling OK where they are, but am still having some slight problems. I am wondering if i naturethroid can cause a person to go from hypo to hyper if the amount is increased? My doctor has been toying with the idea of increasing me from 3g in morning and 1g in afternoon to 1.5 g in afternoon and leaving the morning dose the same. Any thoughts on if i can turn hyper? Any advise will be appreciated! Thank you.

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Any increase can push you into being hyper if it is too high for you. Really need to know your levels and what your slight problems are. It may be they can be addressed by adding a supplement that you could be low on and leave your medication where it is. There are so many things that can be adjusted but some more information on how you are feeling could be most helpful. Welcome to the forum though, l'm sure with a little info you will get lots of suggestions.


Sometimes we do need a slight increase. If we take too much thyroid hormones we could have signs of overstimulation of which we would be aware and want to reduce ourselves.

I don't know why your doctor splits your dose of NDT as it is usual, as far as I know, to take one daily dose on an empty stomach and not eat for around an hour.

You state your levels are 'in range' and that may be the problem if your doctor only goes by the TSH. We usually feel best when our TSH is around 1 or below.

Please get a print-out of your most recent results with the ranges and post on a new question if you don't have them to hand for members to comment upon them.


I take split doses - also did same on Armour, because I'm 'thyroid resistant' and if I don't take at least half of the dose mid-afternoon, I completely fad and am useless. In fact, if I simply forget and take it an hour later, I already bombed my afternoon in terms of getting stuff done and thinking/acting clearly.

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If it suits you best that's fine.

I thought that someone who was Thyroid Hormone Resistant could only get relief by T3 alone. Mind you, I will say that everyone is different.


In my case, because I'm 'Hashimoto', there is both too little T4 (for the conversion that does occur) and too little T3 (generated). I feel best on a natural hormone that has the 4 types. For a while, I also took T3, but have found that I usually feel better without it.

yes, there's a wide range of response and resistance ;-).


As long as we reach a dose of hormones that suit us that's the main aim, to feel much better. :)


How can you become hyper with no thyroid?


Glynisrose, technically you can't, but you can be overmedicated and *feel* hyper.


Welcome to the forum, Rheality.

You can be overmedicated which can make you feel hyper. Doctors tend to undermedicate rather than overmedicate so as it is your doctor who has suggested the dose increase I would be surprised if you become overmedicated.

If you post your recent thyroid results and ranges members will advise whether you appear to be optimally medicated.


Thank you everyone. I will be having blood work at the end of the month and will be able to post numbers when I get them back. My symptoms include mood swings, not being able to sleep on most nights, weight gain, fatigue, my sensitivity to cold is horrible and I memory issues still. Having a hard time at work and its not good!!


I'm sorry you're have such a tough time. It's bad enough being slightly off-colour.

When you get your next blood test it is recommended to have the earliest appointment, and fast, and to leave approx 24 hours from your last dose of thyroid hormones and the test. This procedure allows your TSH to be at it's highest level because doctors are apt to adjust our dose due to the TSH level alone which drops throughout the day and could result in the lowering of our dose.


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