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Random question, but does anybody else notice a really strange body/urine odour when they're particularly hypo? I've noticed that this smell from my sweat, or when I go to the bathroom, seems to appear just before my symptoms like mental confusion, fatigue and coldness get worse. It's a weird sweet but pungent smell. When I was very, very hypo (so much I could barely stand up) this smell seemed to follow me everywhere. Does anybody know what causes this?

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  • I have weird body smell too when I am doing worse, I smell like old hamburgers :S I connect that smell to hashimoto flare ups now that it is pretty clear I have it.

    I used to wonder why I sometimes literally stink :P But I guess it is hormones and as we all are individuals then different hormones causes body odours.

  • So interesting! I wonder if only we can smell it ourselves or if other people can - nobody's ever commented on it before...

  • I have asked many people do I stink but they say I don't. Maybe it is something only we smell or people are too polite.

    I unfortunately have super sensitive nose when it comes to some smells so it irritates me. For example smell of fresh celery makes my nose literally hurt. So I have jumped into conclusion that only I can smell my bad odour.

  • I Wonder if the smell is 'in your nose', so to speak. I used to get a funny smell that nobody else could smell that I associated with catarrh - which I used to get all my life until I was diagnosed. Haven't smelt it since. But, over time, I became convinced that this 'smell' was just in my nose. So difficult to explain! :(

  • I know what you mean and that can be true too. For example my mom smells shit everywhere when nobody else does. I believe it is unpleasant to smell that and she keeps crawling under bed and sofa and so on to find the source.

    Unfortunately I pick not only my bad odour but other people's stress sweat. Yack! ! Then again I might not smell any food except celery and fried salmon and those smell awful. Coffee I do pick super easy too. If someone is making coffee inside I can smell it 30 meters away being outside when everyone else keeps arguing there is no coffee made.

  • Smell is a funny thing. But I really think a lot of it is linked to hormones. During my first pregnancy, my sense of smell was so acute, it was a nightmare! Especially going to work in the moring, everyone smelt of soap!!! I know sweating bodies would have been worse, but I just couldn't stand the smell of any kind of perfume. I Don't know how I got to work every morning without vomiting! Ugh!

    But I think zinc levels have something to do with it, too.

  • Agreed! Now that I have been taking zinc I can tolerate perfumes a bit better.

    My nightmare is when I give a lift to neighbour who is 50 and smells old sweat and perfume and hair spray. Used to be so difficult. Now it only annoys.

    I did not have this before I fell ill so I do connect this with whatever I am suffering of.

    Worst part is that some smells literally hurt my nose. I get this aching feeling behind my nose and that is something awful. Nobody understands it. And it is worse during ovulation so hormones do play a big part in this thing.

  • Hi

    " a really strange urine odour " and me.



  • I think we smell more because thyroid issues can make people sweat more.

    I know people who can wear clothes for more than one day but I sometimes have 2 changes.

    I haven't noticed a sweet pungent smell, just the usual b.o.


  • I barely sweat at all. I used to, but since my thyroid packed in I have to be really, really hot to start sweating. Presumably part of why my skin is so dry 😒

  • Maybe because it is less productive it smells different.

  • I haven't noticed it for quite a while now, but for years, if I sniffed my armpits, I got a clear smell of cumin/coriander, even if I hadn't eaten any for months.

  • Yes when I was very hypo I had strange body odour from my armpits and urine. Not pleasant.

  • My urine has an unpleasant smell only noticed it last couple of months, anyone know if its due to vit supplements?

  • I can smell a 'plastic' smell on first morning urine and my hairdresser says he can smell a plastic smell when he dries my hair. This would account for the plastic lumps coming out on my skin.

  • I defy anyone to have read through all those comments and not had a quick sniff at themselves!

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