Electric shocks when hypo

Does any body else suffer with electric shocks when hypo ?The shocks are sometimes they are really painful and I can tence up knowing that they are going to happen, i get them off my car , off the fridge ,washing machine, shopping trollys,opening doors etc.(I never go out in thunder storms!)

Its usually when I am hypo or undermedicated,and constantly tencing up all day can make me exasted, may be somebody would be able to shed some light on what could be going on.

many thanks (only one welly boot joke per person, lol)

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  • I used to get that before I was diagnosed. I also got electric shocks off the dog! But, you've just reminded me that I haven't had one for years! :)

  • Thank goodness somebody else gets them , my mum and husband just think its funny as I leap about swearing xx

  • I can imagine. lol

  • I was about to say the same! May be another symptom of inadequate meds!

  • Yes, more than likely. But, not one I've ever seen mentioned. Maybe it should be added to the list.

  • I get them off the metal of supermarket shopping trolleys, but assume everyone does, and that's why they have an insulated handle.

    My last cat would get p*ssed off with me stroking him when his ears started to "crack". I thought it was just him, and not my fault!

    There have been times when a finger passing over the brushed aluminium fascia of a radio or piece of hi-fi equipment simulated (I think) a mild shock, and the same can happen with something that's vibrating, like a fridge.

  • i used to dread getting out of the car as that was when it was worse. Also if I ever had to hold a metal handrail. I'm not going to say it hasn't happened in a long while as you know what will happen! Always wear rubber soled shoes now, just in case.

  • I got two yesterday when I got out of my husband's car and touched the door. Very unusual to get a static shock twice in a row. After it happens I try to remember not to touch the metal with my hand but I tend to forget. I'm in remission from Graves - maybe I ought to do a Blue Horizons blood test and see what's going on :)

  • I have also had issues with electric shocks in the past, mostly now much better. I hadn't considered that it may be due to being hypo.

    I have read that grounding mats are used, for example, by computer workers as it helps to discharge your body and there are grounding sheets for beds. Also, walking in the grass (e.g. Earthing yourself can help) but not so easy in the winter! Maybe try searching for 'earthing' on this website or the Internet may give you more information.

    Good luck.


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