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Heart Monitor results


I saw an endo. last year who thought I was over medicated because at the appt. my pulse was 120

Blood results came back TSH 0.11 range 0.35 - 4.7 T4 13 range 7.8 - 21 and T3 5.1 range 3.8 - 6.0

The bloods were taken at 11.00am whilst at my appt.

Normally I have bloods taken at 9.00am and T3 has never been more than 4.4 so I wondered if having it taken at 11.00am was the reason for it been higher.

Anyway he discharged me and left me on the same dose of levo. 100/125mcg. alternatively. and said I maybe should see a Cardiologist re the fast pulse.

I told my G.P. about this and she said they have a Cardio call that I could use (I have waited six months to get it)

I have just had a phone from my G.P. call to say the result shows the beats are even at 75 but there is a wave on every beat and she does not know if it is significant or not. She asked how I felt and I told her one of the G.P's had reduced then increased my levo. but I did not feel any better and the racing pulse and palpitations and settled down but had started up again since increasing my levo.

She said I think the best thing is to show the result of the cardio call to a cardiologist for a second opinion and ask if it needs repeating or if I should have a consultation with one.

I started using the cario call one week after increasing my levo. so was wondering if this had any bearing on it.

Does anyone know what the wave on the beat means as my G.P. did not seem to know and I am now worrying.

Any advice greatly received,

Many thanks browny

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Browny, There are several different waves, all mean different things. I'm not sure that anyone will be able to advise without knowing what the specific wave is. If you experience racing heart when increasing Levothyroxine the monitor may have picked up on it. If the racing heart settles when you acclimate to the increased dose there probably isn't anything to worry about.


Many thanks Clutter for your reply,

what I understand from what the G.P. said was there is a wave but it is on every beat, she didn't even know what it meant herself, just feel now something else to worry about.


Browny, GP should have found out before worrying you. Is she finding out or referring you to cardiology?


She said she is going to show the result to a cardiologist for advice then get back to me, but I reckon I will have to keep pestering going by the carry on I have had getting the result in the first place.

It really has to put it bluntly been a complete cock up.

What happened is that I was waiting for this cardio call for six months as they said the surgery only has two so I was put on the waiting list.

When I finally got it I used it when I had symptoms then returned it to the surgery a month ago. I rang a week later for the result and was told it had not been downloaded yet, ring back in another week.

Rang back a week later, was told the head Doctor had to sanction it to be so ring back in a few days. Rang back the head Doctor did not know anything about it, receptionist said she would speak to the doctor who arranged the cardio call in the first place, ring back the next week. Rang back, still not been done, ring back in a few days, rang back, told that doctor was off sick, ring back in few days.

By this time as you can imagine I was p..... off so got back on the phone and asked to speak to the practise manager, receptionist spoke to manager and said there is something wrong with machine that reads the cardio call, it has not been working, but it is sorted now so we will do it this afternoon and get back to me, they did not.

I rang again today and was told doctor would ring me back which she finally did.

You couldn't make it up could you.

My husband just said, if they had trouble with the machine is the reading right.

So I am now waiting again to hear from G.P. when she has spoken to cardiologist.


Browny, what a pain in the rear. I hope you get a satisfactory answer soon.


Thanks Clutter.


Was going to suggest it could be the machine but for peace of mind get a check. It sounds an absolute shambles though so hope you get some satisfaction soon.


Thank you

I have made an appt. with one of the other G.P's tomorrow to discuss it.


Good! Hope goes well


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