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best treatment for adrenal fatigue? Confused!

I have a question on adrenal fatigue: I read recently that you should never take drugs like Prednisone or Medrol for adrenal fatigue, but only HC (if anything). I have been on Medrol for a couple of years now, and the reason my doctor (trained by Hertoghe) would not put me on HC was because I tended to retain fluid. However, now I've read that HC does not cause fluid retention if dosed properly.

It's all very confusing...I wish I could wean off Medrol altogether but, unfortunately, that does not seem possible (at least not at this point). I managed to go from 6 to 4 mg daily, but I seem to be stuck on 4 mg daily...if I go below that, I really feel a difference (more tired, more lethargic). Now, I am even starting to worry that I will never be able to wean off it...

I have found dozens of patient-based reviews praising various OTC products...but is there any one that is really working?! It seems Isocort worked really well for many patients, but it has been discontinued and, as far as I've been able to ascertain, there is no really good alternative at this point...

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I can only advise regarding what I take. Dr Peatfield advised me to take Nutri Adrenal Extra. I had to stop the thyroxine for about a week, start the Nutri Adrenal Extra, then recommence the thyroxine. I didn't realise it was helping until I ran out of it. I always need to nap in the afternoon for 1-2 hours, but with no Nutri Adrenal extra I was becoming tired after being up for about an hour! So I quickly got some more and now I'm back to having my afternoon nap.

I can't advise re hydrocortisone as I have never taken any, sorry. I'm sure someone else will advise you re that and the other meds you mention.

Hope you get sorted.


Sorry, can't answer your question, but I'm curious about you saying 'HC does not cause fluid retention if dosed properly'.

What did they mean by 'properly'?


In this case = not dose it as if you had Addison's disease. In other words, you should not take HC several times daily if you take it for adrenal fatigue, but rather one big dose in the morning, followed by a lower dose at lunch, and that's it.


OK, that's what I think too. In fact, that's the way I've always done it. But after a few months, it does start to make my legs and feet swell.


I am taking pregnisilone 2.5mg daily, endorsed by Dr Peatfeild. It seems to be helping and I am having better days. If it was harming me I think I would feel ill.


2.5 mg only?


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