Dhea how long should I take it

When I was first prescribed thyroxine I was told to take Dhea as I was really tired on the thyroxine despite bloods OK. I felt a lot better taking it and had loads of energy for a few months even though I only took the Dhea for a couple of weeks. I have since been treating myself with thyro gold and felt great at first but now feel tired all the time again. I reduced the dose, felt better for a week or so but now feel dreadful. Should I restart Dhea and how long should I take it for. I have no blood results and am trying to treat myself according to how I feel . I also take vit c, vits b, magnesuim citrate and have just started vit a . I also take vit d 800iu with calcuim. I try to have some sea salt in water daily.

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  • Why did you stop it after 2 weeks? It would be better to get tested for it before going on it again, because you could get 'orrible acne if you take too much.

    DHEA is an adrenal hormone. No point in taking it if you Don't need it, if your adrenals are working well. You can have too much of a good thing!

    Sounds to me more like you need an increase in thyro gold rather than DHEA. But I'm no expert.

  • I have taken DHEA for 5 years as part of my biohrt. It gets converted to the other hormones "as necessary". No acne, no beard. Better (but, not perfect) adrenals. I get it as I can't tolerate Testosterone directly but seem to convert it OK from DHEA.

  • I was recommended by my adrenal specialist to take 10mg DHEA a day, have been on this regime for over two months and have to say I am beginning to feel much better after suffering an adrenal crash last autumn, I do take other recommended supplements but am sure the DHEA is helping. I have been wondering how long one should be on it and it is good to hear Angel has been taking it for five years and feels fine.

  • Where do you get your DHEA please Angel?

  • Private endo. But you can get it online - even though apparently they shouldn't several co.uk companies sell it.

  • If I Google will the companies come up easily, or do you have to delve deeper? lol

  • Should be easy to find.

  • Thank you Angel :)

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