how long ?

hi all have been taking thyroid-s for about 8-9 weeks now started at 1 grain worked up to 2 grains had blood test about 2-3 weeks ago showed i had hashimotos and was taking too much so reduced it to 13/4 grains don't feel much better but have been sleeping better but wake up feeling like i have'nt had any sleep and it takes me about 2 hours to get going i have lost my sparkle my friends have commented on it (which dos'nt make you feel any better) but the last few days i have felt awful tired no energy bad tempered and bad indigestion i was on thyroxine for about 40yrs what i would like to know is are these symptoms normal as my body gets used to it after being on thyroxine for so long if so how long will it take to feel better any thoughts ?

Thanks in advance

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Foxyeyes, Some members have said it took up to 6 months to feel well after transitioning from Levothyroxine to T4. Do you feel better or worse being on Thyroid-S and do you feel better or worse after reducing from 2 grains to 1.75?

Hi Clutter felt better at first but after a couple of weeks felt how i did on thyroxine and i feel worse after reducing thank you for replying so quickly.

Foxyeyes, try 2 grains again. You were only slightly over FT3 range but it doesn't leave scope for a dose increase. If that doesn't help you might want to try other brands of NDT as not all brands suit everyone.

Thanks Clutter will do that .


Hi Foxyeyes - don't forget to check those associated vital minerals - B12 & folate, iron/ferritin, and Vit D - you wouldn't believe how many of us are low/deficient. Indigestion - pro-biotics? disease begins in the gut -Hippocrates (a very old bloke).

I couldn't get beyond 1.5 grains NT - tried last summer & trying again after diagnosis xmas then Levo & when GP didn't want to go beyond 100 I added T3. (did this b4 with NT) At least on NT I didn't gain weight - killing my knees/now cankles....

so when I get it right I will share with the world! x

thank you Sparerib i am taking supplements of all these taking b12 in a spray will start taking pro-biotics again but if no improvement will do as Clutter suggested and try another NDT will get it right at some point and like you will let everyone know . xx

I see you didn't actually post the results of your bloodtest. Do do that (with ranges).

Keep in the back of your mind there there is also T3 only treatment out there, if NDT turns out not to suit you across the board - although I know different brands of NDT suit different folks.

hi Humprey thank you for your reply did post results a couple of weeks ago can't find them at the moment but i will try another NDT to see if it makes me feel any better.

Sorry - must've missed those. And things get buried so quickly on here; there's so much traffic!

i know half the time when i want to look back at something i can't find it but so many people in the same boat .

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