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Hi - this is my first post found the forum when searching for info on NDT. I have been taking 3 grains of dessicated thyroid for about 6-7 years now. At first prescribed named patient by my GP after I had seen Dr Skinner. But when I moved out of area the new GP will not prescribe so I have been ordering online <Admin deleted> for the last few years.

Though <Admin deleted> have always been quick and really good, I have AHD a few scares with forgetting to order and it being out of stock, so I wondered what others do to get theirs?

Is it possible to get a private prescription somehow - like using an online doctor for instance?

Thanks :-)

Recommendations where to obtain NDT via private messages please, in line with posting guideline #22, thank you.


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  • Not sure why my phone changed had to AHD? Lol

  • It may have changed just to keep us on our toes :)

  • Welcome to the forum, Lelole.

    Once you've found a reliable supplier it's a good idea to have enough by you to see you through for a few months. There have been quite a few shortages recently due to swine illness wiping out millions of piglets in the USA and shortages of Liothyronine (T3). I'm not comfortable with the life-on-a-knife-edge feeling that must come from wondering whether delivery will arrive before rapidly dwindling tablets run out.

  • Agreed. It's like having no oxygen.

  • Swine Flu again? I hadn't heard. It is horrible wondering if i will be able to get any thyroid meds when i run out. I don't know what else to do. I really can relate.

  • Faith, I'm talking about the swine flu affecting piglets few months ago, not suggesting there is a new outbreak.

  • i wasn't aware of anything a few months ago, even, but that is not too unusual.

  • Faith, millions of pigs were destroyed. Price of Armour shot up shortly after.

  • learn something new everyday..didn't know. I guess because i have no interest in desiccated.

  • Thanks everyone, yes it is scary isn't it? I went through the that time when things were out of stock for months on end, but back then it was being prescribed for me so I always managed to get something. I do wonder whether it is worth seeing if I can get some more conventional treatment again, as I have recently become single so now am a self employed single parent (with other health problems) so I just don't need the extra stress!

  • I understand your predicament. Particularly with funding/sourcing your own medication.

    How did you get on with levothyroxine only when you first began? Was the addition of T3 added by your GP? From your post and whom you consulted I would guess you didn't feel so good on levothyroxine.

    There is another NDT which isn't a prescription one but am not sure of the cost but the reports of it are good and it was developed by Dr John Lowe who was an Adivser to Thyroiduk before he died two years ago. His wife is based in the USA and runs the site. Dr Lowe didn't use levothyroxine for his patients. Only either T3 for resistant patients or NDT. He developed his non-prescription because many doctors particularly in the USA will not prescribe NDT.

    If you went through your GP maybe he would be one who would prescribe T4/T3 which is much better than T4 alone for many (I am one) but again some doctors just wont prescribe and it has got horrendously expensive for some unknown/unfathomable reason to me.



  • Even more scary if you're self medicating on hydrocortisone! Can't suddenly stop 35mgs of that with out real danger!

  • That could cause your death, for sure!

  • Thanks all, my GP surgery is thyroxine only via the blood tests, no discussion. If I were in a position financially Id pay to see someone privately but I am not, and like you say it has become very expensive.

    Shares thanks for the links I will have a look. :-)

  • You didn't mention which NDT you have been using. Thyroid S from New Zealand I think has had good reports.

  • I make sure I always have a years supply of Thyroid-S in the dark cupboard. As long as they are kept dark and sealed they will keep for 5 years plus. If you really want to make sure, get a few years supply and freeze them, they should last 10 years then.

    It costs me around £60 a year for my Thyroid -S.

  • T3 can also be sourced very cheaply, the NHS has been conned where the cost of T3 is concerned. The Mexican supplier of T3 is moving factory at the moment so there is no supply from there at the moment. You can still source it from Cyprus though.

  • Hi I take nature throid, and have in the past got on well with erfa - armour is not so helpful. Really nervous of changing because it can cause all sorts of probs can't it and I just can't afford to be ill at the moment... X

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