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Need help

Am doing test for vit d and the result is very low level 3.12 microgram ! And total ca is normal and ionised ca normal .... I dont have any proplem maybe just fatigability and recently pain in leg also there is muscular spasm without pain this making me to do test but the result surprising me sever deficiency ...I can walk no fractures or any sign or symptoms of sever vit d deficiency that lab wrong ??? Despite that the lab tested the sample two times .....what shall I do

Is vit d deficiency has relationship with sever masturbation ???

I have no healthy proplem

Am medical student but in my area no endocrinologists just physicians

and blood sample is transported to another area to be tested is this affect on result ..... if one can answer me

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Ramo1, Fatigue and musculoskeletal pain are typical symptoms of vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D blood results are usually expressed in ng/ml or nmol/L. My vitD was <10nmol/L and I was prescribed a loading dose of D3 40,000iu x 14 days followed by maintenance doses 2,000iu daily for 8 weeks. On retesting vitD was >100nmol/L which was in the optimal range 75-200nmol/L

The link below has a graph to indicate dosing requirements. 50ng/ml is considered optimal. If your result is nmol/L divide by 2.5 to convert to ng/ml to use the conversion chart.


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