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I've recently had my t3 meds spilt into 2 doses to give me a boost in the afternoon - just wondering if I have to follow the same rules when I'm taking my T3 and T4 in the morning? I.e. Take on an empty stomach, 2 hours after food and an hour before food/drink? And also take with Vit C - I take Vit C with my morning meds to help absorption

Nothing was written by my Endo and I forgot to ask at my appointment

Thanks for your help xx

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T3 seems to be more effective when taking away from food/drink, apart from plain water.

Never heard of taking thyroid meds at the same time as Vit C to aid absorption, the general consensus is to take well away from any other minerals and supplements, food +drink etc.

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Hi rach67

It's recent research re Vitamin C plus levothyroxine that has pointed out the benefit. Only for levothyroxine and not for others.


Yes, the same rule applies as food can interfere with the uptake.

Usually we take our hormones first thing when we get up with one glass of water and wait approx an hour before eating.

If, as you say, you split your doses you have to allow 2 hours either side later in the day so that food doesn't interfere with the absorption.

I am fortunate in that I take T3 only once daily a.m. It was levo which made me more unwell than before I was diagnosed. I am carefree now as long as they don't change the fillers/binders in it. Take T3 a.m. and lead a normal life.

I hope you get to a dose which makes you feel well again.


Thanks for the info, that's been useful x


I was advised to take my T3 in a split dose, but I found it to be more effective taking the full dose (currently 10mcg T3 + 100mcg T4) in the morning.

I leave 30 minutes after taking the T4 before my other meds, which is a pharmacist recommendation, and around 15 minutes after taking T3 before breakfast.

This seems to work for me, but I appreciate that everyone is different.


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