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blood tests

T4 15 (8.21)

Ths 1.10 (0.35 3.50

T3 4.5 (3.8 6.0)

this blood test was done 2 months ago and was on 100mg so then went back to 125mg every other day now had new blood test done only did ths 1.91 (0.35. 3.50] still got foggy head in mornings and feeling tired so going back to see if i can go back on 125 every day never had high tsh in the last 30 years

always been at the lower end

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Some of us need a very low or suppressed TSH. If your GP adjusted your dose only due to your TSH result, email and ask for a copy of Dr Toft's Pulse online article. Go to question 6 and discuss it with your GP that it's o.k. to have a low of suppressed TSH if you feel better.


he adjusted the dose on last test as was on 150 then told to take 125 then 100 on last test but really felt unwell so we agreed to try 125 every other day only done ths this time and said every thing is ok but going to ask him him if i can now have 125 each day as still feel tired and foggy


They really have not A clue about how to treat patients.

This is really how it should be done but unfortunately they are few and far between nowadays. More's the pity. Read this link and the second question in particular.


Jan86, most people are comfortable with TSH just above or below 1.0 and with FT4 in the top 75% of range. Read Dr. A. Toft's comments to Pulse Online in Treatment Options in the link below. If you want a copy of the full article to show your GP email


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