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New results from NDT

I have been on 2 grains Nature Throid for 6 weeks. I've just had results back but they didn't do TSH.

Here are results and ranges

T4 10.5(9-19)

T3 5.2(2.6-5.7)

Below are my results when on 40mcgs Liothyonine (t3 only)

Tsh 2.46 (.56-4.74)

T4 <5. (11-20)

T3 3.7 (3.2-6)

Please note they've changed ranges.

Can someone please come on and tell me what they think of the NDT results compared to T3 only.

I was put on T3 only as had stopped. Converting properly.

When endo decided to put me on T3 only it was because My tsh had been high. My T4 had been well over range and my T3 was below range.

I still feel no better anyway.

My folate ferritin B12 and Vit D are all good.

Thank you very much.

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130396, your results on 2 grains NatureThroid are excellent. FT3 is in the top third of range which is considered ideal. FT4 is low in range which is to be expected on NDT. Symptoms can lag 6-8 weeks behind good biochemistry.

Having TSH >2 on T3 only means you were undermedicated.


Thank you so much for your reply Clutter. I really appreciate that.

When you say symptoms can lag behind by 6-8 weeks does that mean I could still be symptomatic for another few weeks.

My main concerns are butterflies in my tummy.

Thank you again


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