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New Results after 6 mths NDT + VITAMINS

Hi Everyone,

Just received my results from BLue Horizon since being on Nature thyroid for 6 mths now at 3 grains per day and I have been taking B12, Vit D, Selenium, Folic Acid, Iron, and Magnessium daily. Can you help me in understanding the results:- I know I am Hashi's and have been on Gluten Free diet....doesn't seem to have helped me though

TSH L 0.02 0.27 - 4.20

T4 Total 73.3 66 - 181

Free T4 13.30 12.0 - 22.0

Free T3 5.17 3.1 - 6.8

Vit B12 443

(25OH) Vit D 88

Serum Folate >45.400 8.83 - 60,8

anti thyroidperoxidase abs 148.0 >34

anti thyroglobulin abs 4000 >115

HS - CRP 0.70 >5.0

Ferritin 131.0 13 - 150

Thanking you in advance for all you help.

Christina xxx

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Results are pretty good - although your B12 is lowish for someone supplementing - how much are you taking? Is your gluten free diet strictly gluten free? Your antibodies are quite high at the moment too, so that could be making you feel less than well.

What symptoms do you still have? Alas, after a period of undertreatment it can take a while to feel better but your bloods would suggest you’re on the road back to wellness.


Thanks so much Jazzw for coming back so quickly. I was bed ridden for nearly 2 years so I have worked so hard with vitamins and getting the correct dose of NDT. And I think I am nearly there. the B12 is Better you oral spray /...omg !!! I have just looked Jazzw it should be 4 spray's I have only been spraying 1...no wonder...ha ha what am I like ...symptoms are getting better still get a little fatigue, nausea was the big problem and that is a lot better... Been underactive since 16 and was on Levo for 40 odd years, then hit menopause and it went haywire!! so introduced NDT 16mths ago and getting there.

I wish you a good weekend and thank you for your help



Hi Christinah61

I’m am so pleased to hear you are doing well and feeling so much better on Nature Throid 😀

I am gradually getting there and gradually increasing like you , I don’t want to worry you but have you had any supply problems because I’ve tried to order and they only have 1 grain no 2 grains ! I don’t have a prescription so I’m struggling but if you have a prescription you will be ok :)

I’ve had to order 1 grain it’s cost me a fortune just wanted to give you the heads up !

I hope that you continue to feel better

Take care

Kazbe 😀


Hi Kazbe yes thank you for that I see a private endo for my NT... seeing her at the end of July but I always make sure she gives me 6 mths worth so I have plenty in … just in case.... yes its very expensive my are too but when you have been so poorly you will pay anything to get yourself right ….. and to give urself as much chance as you can to maybe feel more urself instead of feeling like a zombie drugged up !!! you cannot put a cost on your health can you.... even if we are struggling financially.

Take care look after yourself and keep in touch …. I hope you stay well.

C x


Hi Christina 61

Thanks for your lovely message no you can’t put a price on your health😀

I am going to go down the same route I’m not sure how it all works would you be able to private message me and just tell me how things work regarding costs for Endo Private Prescription and Costs of NDT because I have absolutely no idea !

I’m living in East Midlands but I’m getting more concerned about supplies so I think now the private route is my only option as it’s costing me a small fortune self medicating!

Thanks Again

Kazbe x


The main question is:-

"How do you feel on your dose of NDT".

The blood tests were invented along with levothyroxine which is T4 only.

When we take NDT or add T3 to T4 results wont correlate, so it is more about our symptoms being relieved and do we feel well.

However you have a good FT3.

Other members will respond too.


Thanks Shaws for you quick reply.. I do feel a lot better than I did...because last year I spent most of the time in bed to poorly to get up so I am getting there... I have worked on the vitamin side of it to and also the dose of NT, and I think I am nearly there, I tried T3 a few month's ago but it made me feel so poorly again even a tiny dose, so I decided to stay just with my Nature throid….

Thank you for All your help x


That's fine it is nice to know when people are improving, even a little.

The fact that you still have a couple of symptoms, there's no reason not to increase dose slightly every 2 weeks by 1/4 tablet, taking note of pulse/temp. if either go high drop to previous dose.

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thanks shaws I will do that. have a good weekend

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Maybe you'd like to read the following when you're relaxing :)



Thanks Shaws for all your help its greatly appreciated.


You might benefit from adding a good quality daily vitamin B complex, one with folate in, rather than cheaper folic acid


If you are taking vitamin B complex, or any supplements containing biotin, remember to stop these 3-5 days before any blood tests, as biotin can falsely affect test results



This would help improve B12 too. Though I note you just realised you were only doing one spray per day, instead of four!

Vitamin D could be a bit higher too, around 100nmol. How much are you supplementing?

Your results don't suggest you are over medicated at all. In fact possibly could do with very small increase. FT3 is well within range and FT4 is low in range

Link says TSH needs to be suppressed


Suppressed a TSH not a problem


Long term study of T3 or NDT - no adverse issues



High FT4 cause of AF


Low TSH unlikely to increase risk of osteoporosis.

(Whereas being inactive definitely does......was my argument to endo)


You might need to try dairy free to see if that helps lower TPO antibodies

TG antibodies may reduce if you increase dose of NDT a tiny bit more


thank you slowdragon for your reply ...can you advise what B complex would be good for me. yes the doctor from Blue Horizon did say that maybe a little more NDT would help me, after a snapshot of my results being sent to my endo today, she replied with ..the low TSH suggests overtreatment, not undertreatment ???? its a laugh isn't it... thank you, yes I will try eliminating dairy... what is a good vit D supplement SlowDragon ??

Christina x


Sorry SlowDragon Vitamin D is Dlux3000 Vitamin D oral spray 30001U 75pg


Yes I have tried Thornes (didn't like the smell) and was for long time taking Jarrow B-right. Both of these are large capsules. Too large to swallow for me, so had to tip powder out.

But now found and prefer Igennus Super B complex. Good quality ingredients, nice small pills. Full dose is two per day, but can start with just one (after breakfast).

Vitamin D - presumably that's Better You vitamin D mouth spray. Many of us on here find that excellent. you need higher dose for perhaps 4-6 weeks to get level around 100nmol. Perhaps 6000iu one day and 3000iu the next . Retest in 2-3 months. Then reduce dose. Trial and error what each person needs as maintenance dose.

On high dose vitamin D, look at vitamin K2 Mk7. Vitamin D raises calcium levels in blood. Vitamin K2 helps send calcium to bones, not arteries



Thanks SlowDragon just ordered the Super B x


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