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Hi all

Im new here and its great to see a forum dedicated to all things thyroid!

Just after your experiences and any advice really. I have been suffering from anxiety, nervousness, tight chest for about 8 years now (im now 28) ive never been to the docs about it as i asumed they would just offer me prozac. In the last couple of months i have also been getting heart palpitations which I find quite scary so went to the docs... they took my blood to test for thyroid and the results came back as tsh 0.24 and t4 was 15 ( doc said this is normal as range is 5.6-21) Now i am so say borderline overactive thyroid but due to all my symtoms (i also am very Slim and cant put weight on (despote eating loas!) or i lose it easily, i have mood swings, im emotional etc) my doc has referred me to a specilaist to have a t4 test as she doesnt know what to do with me. Im putting all my symptoms down to my "Borderline" overactive thyroid but what are the chances of me actually being treated for this if i am only borderline?

I guess all my symtoms may not be due to my thyroid but from what i have read its seems likely! im worried that i will just get left As i am only borderline. Although waiting to get a t4 I would appreciated any advice anyone has to give!


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Im quite surprised you are experiencing hyperthyroid symptoms with a t4 level so far below the top of the range but it would be interesting to see what your t3 is.

It's good that you are being referred to a specialist because there could be many reasons for your symptoms and the specialist will hopefully know where to look.

I am surprised your GP didn't check your thyroid antibodies. If it is an autoimmune thyroid disease, your thyroid levels could be fluctuating and even if they weren't high at the point of having the blood test, they may be going high some of the time. It would have been helpful if your GP had done thyroid antibody tests. He may be able to do them if you go back to see him. The results would also help the specialist.

I don't know a great deal about hyperthyroidism so hopefully one of our members with more knowledge in this area will be along soon.

I hope you get to the bottom of it soon!

Carolyn x


I think your doctor has referred you to a specialist to get a T3 test. T4 is the hormone produced by your thyroid, but it then gets converted to T3 which is the active hormone that is used in every cell in your body. It is the T3 level that gives you over or underactive symptoms.

Your T4 level is not particularly high. Your doctor is looking at the TSH result and telling you that you are borderline hyperactive. The TSH is the signal your pituitary sends to the thyroid telling it to make hormone. The TSH level changes throughout the day by quite a bit, being highest first thing in the morning. It doesn't tell you very much about what your thyroid is doing. T4 is what your thyroid produces in response. People with overactive thyroids tend to have T4 levels well above the normal range (25-50 for example), which you haven't.

I'm afraid you will probably find out that there is some other cause for your symptoms, but people on this forum are very kind and helpful and you may get some advice here from other people who have suffered similar symptoms.

I hope you get your health problems sorted soon, Good Luck.


It's worth mentioning that the time of day the blood test is done is important with thyroidism. First thing in the morning is when levels are at their highest and that is when you should have it done. Don't eat or drink beforehand. They don't always tell one that these days!


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